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Jimmy Brown

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  1. why do people call portland p-town. thats like the stupidest shit i ever heard of. why dont you just call it portland. thats a good name. p-town sounds like pee-town. big top pee wee- town. their's so man clowns. nobody's up and they're fu-sho not down. the only writer thats up there is bozo.......like i said....clowns. he should write a different word. like a good one. he has some definate potential. somebody talk shit to me. this is so boring.
  2. those are some dope red x's. kind of like peter tosh. have you seen that movie? he was a real thug. but really, why dont i get to see the flicks?
  3. i like how there's a DEAD CATS on KUK, and that girl writes meow. do they know eachother? i'm sure d cats is more of a player.
  4. how could anyone like kode's style? or lack there of. he is one of my all time least favorite writers. i cant believe he still does those freaking throwups. how can he sleep at night?
  5. first of all, how could anyone write sasquatch while bigfoot has so much fame and is so original. second of all i just have to say that i hate it when people use the word "bomb", as a noun. when the fuck did that start? maybe i'm old or something, but to me "bomb" is a verb, and thats it. is anybody with me or do i have to serve you all?
  6. Jimmy Brown


    i hate to state the obvious, but i have to say that adek is really good at doing graffiti. he deserves alot of respect. plus; the broken arm story is one of the best in graff history. yah know?
  7. i really hate it when people call throwups " throwies". thats seriously the dumbest shit ever. its like the universal sign of a toy. like holding skateboards by one truck means you're a poser. so why dont you curl up with your blankey and dream about doing some " throwies". tttooooyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. carl uno sounds like a bleedin' toy. if i caught him doing fillins (or should i say "fillinz"...with a "z") i'd vic his paint, give it back to bier and tell him to do some fillins instead. i dont know why i left london in the first place. toys like you lot don't live long on those streets.
  9. i think hazel is really wesley willis. i like when he says, " arnold shwarzanegger is my big millionaire,he is my big buddy". wesley's been getting up. i'd hit him up for his silver pen rack, but i'm scared he might head butt me.
  10. has anyone seen those hazel tags? they're dope. who is it? i heard its some big somoan that rocks fat albert gear.
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