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  1. TOR

    SO OKAY. I hate L.A.

    i really dont agree with any of that image sht about la unless your in the rich ass areas,,,otherwise its just like anywhere else...fuck the fairy tales about LA...its tight...
  2. am i the only one who can't figure out how this site works?mmaybe california just doesnt work...
  3. i dont know where the fuck u heard that....i mean of course theres a lot of fucken toys who write for a year then quit but there are a LOT of down ass writers in oxnard.....come take a visit
  4. fuck.......i thought i was gonna get some porn links in this thread....
  5. bumfights IS funny...the only fucked up parrts bumhunter..but it was still fucken funny..they went too far though with one of the guys but the movies still fucken tight
  6. my homie got ghetto brawls...i wanna check it out.."come and get some, cracker"hahahaha
  7. whats your point?murder and rape create jobs also...
  8. TOR

    Haitian Vodou

    weekend at bernies 2 was dope but for real this shits pretty interesting
  9. TOR

    Haitian Vodou

    weekend at bernies 2 was dope...... but for real, this shits pretty interesting
  10. as opposed to the mountain men who have claimed oregon as there territory for years
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