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  1. i would LOVE to see Melburns Puzle have a legit battle with that imposter UsA puzl and burn him ridiculously.
  2. the only thing that needs to be said is that those guys are the best painters in the world. ps i would kill my own sister for all those beltons....
  3. i'm from germany, and i think that this zee-zee guy has way TOO much time on his hands
  4. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/302/30460'> true blue sakeskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
  5. hahaahaha, nice one, im gonna be cacking myself for days to come. :) :) :) :)
  6. how mad is that 'U' in the last pic???? ITS MAAAD
  7. i think you got too much yankee cock in your butt. maybe we'd (i'd) have more respect for americans if it werent for your bullshit. i think either ur puzl kyt or your selling your body to him. paint drips?!?! wat the fuck!!?! i never wouldve known!! oh hang on, if i see your pieces i'll c dripping in action..thanks for helping me out buddy...
  8. duel wears crazy old school breakdance hats :D
  9. yeh. there was a 4 elements thing in preston a few months back. i didnt go but i heard duel was breaking maaad. i see his little kid with an afro, hes getting his kid into breaking, kinda funny :) plus i think duel judged the first throwdown, dunno bout the second..i love his hats
  10. how bout you get your flaming carcas off this thread. have respect. as for puzle one of my favourite new schools has got to be the wallstars piece. i watched him spray paint into the cap of the sray can, then throw the dripping paint onto the piece before the finals. wat a tripper, had a maad effect, the dripping paint in the fill is mad shit.
  11. u phoool. i lived in america for a year! i know your scene, i know that puzle would be hailed as a king in your country, enuf of this beef. its boring....
  12. u gotta love drunken writers :rolleyes:
  13. comet and blade... haha, their funny cunts. fuck man, watching cope2 vid makes you think... painting panels all night, eating pizza pies, anyone could get a t2b wholecar done...oh well, now i gotta clean my pants... mmmm pizza pies...a graff necessity.
  14. That one freight burns that US puzl. The only thing i like bout the US puzl is that he hits fucking awesome spots. props to myself for never leaving my computer.
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