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  1. Hey I don't know if you'll guy will believe me but I met this kid at a graff jam we had here in NOVA about a couple months back he does talk shit but his throwies are sick but hey thats just me...:D
  2. Naubzer


    if NO PICKS then don't FUCKING POST. Shit the Crew have said that shit and the regular members have stressed that shit sooo much. Listen up hoe I don't care if your new learn faster you bird testicle. So who's your daddy.:D:mad: :o :(
  3. Nobody has love for the thongy ass then how about just bare ass.:crazy: :crazy:
  4. This was a fucking kick ass thread.:D Nice flics and everything.:idea:
  5. I've seen this man growing up and I love all his shit. Nice flicks homie.:D
  6. hey I'd fuck her....:king:
  7. Naubzer

    first in 3 weeks

    If you need to mellow out man then grab the pack of cigs get in the car blast the jazz and fucking rock out. If not eat a lot of chinese food and take a mean shit while smoking in the bathroom that always does the job for me.:D
  8. I used the Flat black from wal mart with a rusto fat and that shit came out just as good as a rusto. I used to use it all the time when I was broke but now that some beans are rolling in then I go for the AA's/:D Just check it out and see what happens.
  9. The only good paint that is from wal mart is the black ... well thats the only that has ever worked for me. I use it only for fills thats it. Try it out.:D
  10. Naubzer

    Hests Newest

    Thats tight stuff.:D
  11. If you want to get some good paint stick with Wal Mart and Loews they always have good shit and its cheap.:D
  12. Naubzer

    i hate shaving

    I'm not the one to grow facial hair fast but when it does it looks nasty. I'm letting my gotee and stash grow in so I shave everything elde. But I hate it though it takes to much patience for me.:D
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