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  1. Hahahahahaha omg thats great. keep it goin man.. :D
  2. haha this is funny. well heres an idea .Roll a fuckin fat spliff. take down some of those posters . Then sit down again. Then smoke another spliff. Then drink a beer.Then go ask your Gf to fuckin rearrange your room. Hows that? :D Its not that hard yo. Smoke one.
  3. NOE1

    congratulate moi

    Congrats homie. :D Thats always a good feeling..SMoke two joints and drink a beer yo!
  4. If You have good experience in many different fields. Peeps will hire ya no matter what. Im on paper > shit. I still get jobs. But of course being a convict will make it alot harder in certain areas.
  5. i have this problem. Im on probation but i never got convicted it was just an arrest. Ill be off paper in 2007. I usually just lie on my applications. either thator i can actually tell teh truth and say ive never been convicted of any crime. But some applications ask if you have ever been put on probation. Go to court. Get a badass lawyer and tell them your interested inlaw enforcement >They can have it expunged . It works . then just ditch the idea .
  6. Yo Hit up the naval base. Show your ID they should let you on . Peeps onthe base will give youa tour. Go to Rota spain . while your in madrid. Lived there 3 yrs . Nice place. Great to paint. Dont get caught by american five o. well not on any base that is. off base is totally different. Hit me back for more info . Peace.
  7. NOE1


    Ill take a ham sammich instead:D
  8. NOE1


    Ill take a ham sammich instead
  9. umm... yea ..WE SUCK.... Fuck the matrix..
  10. you fuckin moron. Hes a good writer. Hes got skillz. I recognize that.But i dont jock him. I give him props thats all. and whats all this " Copes been in trouble all his life shit" You fag. talkin like your his best friend.:rolleyes:
  11. Happens to most ..this was definetly bound to happen to Cope.Atleast homeboys got sick hilights in his career.
  12. pimpin...pimpin...pimpin...biyatchhhhh. Who's BAD??
  13. NOE1


    true that..emo shows are great for gettin pussy hahaha
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