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  1. hahaha... cheers bob that's brightened up my morning. one that always sticks in my mind was some rooftop in brighton ages ago; i think it was him or heal just put 'nigger please' over some dbs/nt thing... made me chuckle anyway.
  2. hate to put the cat among the pigeons and all but i heard from someplace the 'pj' throwups on the tube weren't even by PJ... can anyone confirm or deny?? don't get me wrong, either way big up PJ...
  3. Now that is what graffiti is about... Fuck yeah!
  4. Guilt ridden is talking a lot of sense... best just let sleeping dogs lie. Personally i like the man but that doesnt mean everyone else should. Wish i could find a flick of the ATSTD choo choo me and K did - the impossible CAN happen!... :p not by noir but half of a married couple from the crew running yesterday - some local hero in the way though... :( merry christmas.
  5. Bump for Phat 76!!! You got any stills of the A1 as well?
  6. saw a double end to end on swt last week but the thread was getting Bobbed. now i can't remember who it was! swt changed their cleaning contract or something??
  7. Well I don't know much about New york cleans. I'm not from that country but when me and my boys did it we didn't have any help from the locals, just rode the system. Maybe we hotted up some spot but if a spot is so easy that we can spend two hours in it then I don't see how it's about to become impossible because some euro fags like us did it... Ny is what it's about, end of... we should be grateful its still do-able rather than sitting here bitching...
  8. don't be no loverman and try cherps my fly honey else i'll blap ya two time!
  9. i like americans very much... they slacked off their jobs enough to let me paint their subway... all these brits who bitch about american foreign policy don't seem to understand that its the same as british foreign policy; sell high capitalism and universal suffrage to the whole world regardless of cultural or moral differences, maybe also force some countries to adopt it. If you don't like it vote for the green party. Bomb Chirac not Iraq
  10. can't talk for anyone else but the flick i posted is genuine...the reason theres a site thing on it is that i dont have a computer and my mate runs the site so goes looking for cheap publicity wherever he can...:rolleyes: her names lynsey, if anyone cared...
  11. whats all this about the punishment??? there always was a rumour round our way that painting royal mails would get you done for treason...defacing the queens name and all...dunno what they are like in the rest of the country but here they were the biggest pile of piss... the mails were the safe bit of the yard while you spied the networks... Kicks memorably did a panel on one in royal mail red with a black outline. i watched him and he filled the whole thing in! just looked like a black outline on a train though.....
  12. a girl i know trying to convince me there are better things in life than painting tubes... http://homepage.ntlworld.com/paul.morgan3450/lyn3.jpg'>
  13. Ms. Hepburn


    Just two words...Bittersweet symphony.
  14. you euro cunts are shit... paint trains like wot they did in new york; there's no place for europeans in graffiti. you should all fuck off and learn esperanto... ;)
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