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  1. "SENET"

    senet sketch

    here is one of my sketches let me know what you think http://www.fotango.com/cgi-bin/view_image.cgi?PICTURES=A287703_1'> peace senet!"
  2. "SENET"


    what track u listening too right now!
  3. "SENET"


    what track u listening too right now!
  4. "SENET"


    everyone post up your stylish hands, the more original the better
  5. "SENET"


    wow those are some nice hands.
  6. "SENET"


    kick ass styles i like the "A" with the crown. ill try get some of mine scaned in.
  7. "SENET"


    put up your handstyles here, the more original the better.
  8. yeh totaly i live in aberdeen and it doesent have a scene but i hit up with sum writers from glasgow. the glasgow writers are real good, they got really nice styles. check out makone and the rest o the fck crew - www.glasgowgraf.20m.com
  9. handstyles ur hand styles are a bit too rigid. i used to be llike that until i learned to let the pen go and thats when u can really develop ur own style. i normally sit down with u pad and a marker and losen up my hand a bit and go through a load of pages just trying different things even if they look shit no ones gonna see them. respect for puting your shit up for everyone to critisize. peace
  10. i saw landspeed a couple of years back and that shit was so funny but i didnt see it getting big. jackass just isnt funny anymore, all the same shit over and over and its a shame jonny knoxville had to ruin it. i think branon an bam were funny enough with out everyone else. if u can try an get a hold of pritchar vs ddanton. its a welsh skating movie which goes further than jackass and the cky vids in the way on isgusting pranks. peace
  11. aaaaaaahhhh im going insane, living in britain we dont get the game till this friday but it sounds pretty damn good. i played the last one to death. what the jumps like in this one and what do the cops do thats so crazy?
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