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  1. Scorn


    hows Mode2 a traitor?
  2. Scorn

    free vids?

    thanks acid, are they videos of people getting up?
  3. Scorn


    does anybody have any flicks of the brooklyn bridge, what apparently killed sane? i would love to see a flick of the bridge, and use it as my background.
  4. and the dogs a male dog, not a bitch
  5. Scorn


    i like the last sketch, you getting a new name or soamt?
  6. loads kids will buy the jay-z album, hows a kid gonna drive a mercades?
  7. lol, i wander how many kids are gonna beg there mum and dad to buy em 50 of em, just to get lucky
  8. Scorn

    For my girl..

    post some more dope sketches
  9. how the hell did you get the cow to stand still for long enough? or how to get that close?
  10. Scorn

    free vids?

    is there any free vids out there with graff shows and stuff? On kazaa there was some clips from things and some cool stuff, but i don't like getting kazaa and stuff, is there any websites with free graffiti videos on?
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