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  1. :king: I knew Matt very well, he was a TITS crew member, and a good friend. Time Is Too Short is tatooed on my arm and his passing is grim reminder of the true meaning of the TITS breakdown. I will miss Matt very very much, i will miss having to call him and get him out of bed to come paint, i will miss giving him a hard time about doing red and black pieces all time, and I will miss his calls on all of the holidays( including the jewish holidays). Rest In Plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. grey and geso, their shit is tight because it is clean. After they came out with their shit, they inspired a whole generation of writers who have no letter structure to begin with, and paint goofy looking pieces and think their piece is the shit. Give me a break!
  3. Yo, "that style" isn't a new style, it's an old style. I classify that style to the kids who don't care about what they paint, and don't have respect for their own pieces, and don't care if they are sloppy. Clean your fucking pieces, and quit painting that funny goofy shit......shit.....

    Holy shit

    "You know mack stay sucka, so please dont fuck whit me". Biter is one of the sickest west coast writers to bless the metal and the concrete, in you toys generation. Consider yourself lucky to have a chance to his graf. Maybe you kids should take a lesson.. filthy.... Mack
  5. What a bunch of shit. instead of tapping on your key pads, why don't you toys pick up a pen or a pencil and up your style. Biter is one of the sickest writers on the west coast, you toys would really benefit by biting his shit. Any one of you toys on this site should feel lucky to even get a chance to view his shit. I am going to go snort some krylon now. Anybody feel free to respond, but if you dont leave your writing name I will not respond back. "Keep it filthy shit" Ladies
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