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  1. I don't know if you mind me asking or if it's some super secret trick, but how are you getting those outlined exposures? -hippy
  2. Hey, I am lookin for "Microgramma bold extended" can someone please help me out??? IM: Equalizindistort
  3. I'll trade you some gold pens for 'em -
  4. FORMER... I just noticed you're reading this!!! I LOST YOUR EMAIL... -HIPPY ARTEEST!
  5. Something happen to dees.... Something happeen to you.
  6. Hippy Artist


    Just stop man... seriously. -HA oner
  7. Cons and Neks should really get new names. -andrew
  8. Hey, I know this whole metrosexual craze is kinda over but since i just now got my first trucker hat, i'm kinda not really on the ball, ya know. anyway, I would be really stoked if you clicked on this link and signed me up for some gay porn and lube samples. If everything works out and I get the pud, I will pay you for signing me for whatever you signed up for. SERIOUSLY MAN. DO ME!! free huge cock (for free) -Thanks.
  9. MINK MOTH... and that blob in between them. What about the other side of that train? Damn. -g
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