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  1. Yup...and jus havin the loaded extinguisher alone is a felony:yum:
  2. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/test/tags-121.jpg'>
  3. RIP Jaunt ...I apologize for bringin this up here, but ASID you little piece of shit why do you constantly snatch peoples photos and post them on message boards as your own and not at least saying they aren't yours..........I don't go out and flik detroit graf so you can sit at computer and copy pictures like you got the hot shit or something...herb p.s. ASID don't bother replying to that statement, either. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00335148f00000022.jpg'> ...and I may have a couple more to contribute in a minute...
  4. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/test/tags-389.jpg'> :king:
  5. andre the giant Who the fuck would climb on roofs to paste someone elses shit up...........??.........nice flix, tho.
  6. Re: Alien NightOwl a way of living hard, on the edge baby..ricekrispytreats [ http://www.lunaeterna.net/popcult/endofdays.jpg'> Shit aint right:o
  7. quote JUST A ;LILL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, WHY WOULD YOU DO A CONFUSING ASS PEICE THAT YOU GOTTA LOOK AT A MINUETE,SO SMALL ON A BILLBORD THAT PEOPLE WIZIN BY AT 70+ MILLES A HOUR? THE SHIT LOOKS ALRIGHT BUT THERE IS A TIME AND A PLACE FOR A ROLLER-STRAIGHT LETTER :rolleyes: ...it's because coup actually is a kentucky legend:king: and so it's only fitting that his name be where it's at on that billboard, basically;)
  8. :clown2: :clown2: :five-o:
  9. trackside tags Action-packed shit right there for ya
  10. TheRealMcToy


    yeah:nope: :clown2: :nope: :clown: :nope: :lol:
  11. ^^Yea right, we all know who that is....it's Eazy-E!!!:lol:
  12. http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://img.ranchoweb.com/images/test/tags-127.jpg'>
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