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MaZe 4Ok KoR

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  1. MaZe 4Ok KoR


  2. MaZe 4Ok KoR

    my homie....

    never post ever agian unless u actaully get some....some....skilllll
  3. yo that first one with the black shadeing is really ill
  4. are u the revolt...zeph and revolt ?
  5. if ur trying to make it look like nyc which i think ur trying to do there are 3 rails on the tracks and they arent so fuckin narrow
  6. i think an obsession with penis for a boy could result in a bad thing...but they are interesting
  7. yo virus i just got one tip...just work on doing more simple stuff before u get into peicing...u have to get a sense of style before u can peice...its like walking before u can crawl
  8. cheps...cheps...cheps....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......ur peice isnt horrible but the handstyle???...i pray no one ever puts there eyes on that thing again...and by the way keep listing to el-p hes good for u
  9. yo im new to this shit so i dont kno how to post some1 fuckin help
  10. i dont fuckin understand just some1 gimme a link to a site and then i can figure it out
  11. Check out this fliker look at it http://publish.hometown.aol.com/_cqr/qp/qp...html?cc=english
  12. i guess i will try adrenaline
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