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  1. w3ns

    Chaos in Tejas

    That SMERE whole car makes me hard.
  2. w3ns

    MF Doom + Danger Mouse

    I am listening to this right now, anyone have somewhere i can upload it to
  3. w3ns


    that ghost and smith is dope
  4. w3ns

    CASSHERN . . . Holy fuck this looks good.

    this movie is stupid
  5. w3ns


    that picture is photoshopped, in the bush cunt shot you can see in her right hand her bikini like half there, while all the other frames, there is a full bikini bottom
  6. w3ns


    rad pictures
  7. i saw this stuff on the news. They said the pilots had to make a landing because of black smoke in the cabin
  8. w3ns

    The Babble

    use the picture anyway
  9. w3ns

    The Babble

    I was rereading through the Akira comic books I bought. And in the first one i found this. http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/akira.jpg'> I believe its added into the english book version. A lot of the writing is darker than the other printed stuff. So i guess it just snuck its way on there.
  10. w3ns

    The Babble

    http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/babble/failedmonsters.jpg'> http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/babble/monster1.jpg'> http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/babble/monster2.jpg'> http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/babble/monster3.jpg'> http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/babble/monster4.jpg'> http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/babble/lowmexican1small.jpg'> http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/babble/lowmexican2small.jpg'> the monster pictures are from some magazine based on failed monsters in japanese movies that i found pictures from. Also from the same site i found these pictures of the japanese pretending to be mexican.
  11. w3ns

    The Babble

    oh sorry i forgot http://kanex.gfxartist.com/ this guy made it but i wasnt too impressed with the rest of his stuff. Thats why i just posted that one
  12. w3ns

    The Babble

    http://www.mykoala.com/w3nis/hentai.jpg'> 3d modelling
  13. w3ns

    Fother Mucking Friday the 13th

    it snowed in texas
  14. Main Entry: graffiti Function: noun Etymology: Italian, plural of graffito : usually unauthorized writing or drawing on a public surface
  15. w3ns

    favorite cartoon strips....

    http://www.qwantz.com/comics/comic2-298.png'> http://www.qwantz.com/comics/comic2-288-2.png'> http://www.asofterworld.com/vacation.jpg'> and the last webcomic is a link because it has a continuing story line and im sure nobody wants me to post them all Scarygoround.com