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  1. JohnQAdams


    my new bike will have a cooler and a fold up card table . let them try and talk shit over a round of beers on me. can't fuck with hospitality.
  2. Are you talking about arts as in studio arts, or drama? Do not go to NYU for studio arts -- you're just wasting your time and money. Go to a real fucking arts school.
  3. JohnQAdams


    I became good at riding once I got "FIXED4LIFE" tattooed on my neck. Big hip hop letters. I'll post photos later. I also have a tricycle tattooed on the back of my knee.
  4. I assume a felony is a felony is a felony. If you need to risk life in jail, talk to a lawyer or someone who actually knows. This is the internet -- 95% of it is just porn. The rest is livejournal and blogs. Go down to scrap yard and ask.
  5. JohnQAdams


    Re: Re: my new bike... No brakes. If you're moving, the pedals are turning - you basically apply backwards pressure to stop. I've met my share of asshole bicyclists in nyc. None were riding fixed gear though. They were all middle aged 9-5 guys wearing head to toe color coordinated spandex (freds i guess). My favorite is still the fat guy making plane noises as he rode down the avenue, and yelled at me in a nasally voice as I rode around him. (Think comic book guy on a bike). I dont see many hipster girls on fixed gear though -- they're probably chilling in the hospital already.
  6. JohnQAdams


    Its warm weather in NYC. Time to start practicing the ubertrackstand. (Trackstand while holding 40 ounces of Olde English for those who don't know). Beer and Bikes? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Williamsburg need not apply. No -- just kidding. Sheepshead is the new Williamsburg. Shit is wild. Keep your eyes open.
  7. Drug Rugs never left. Act like ya know.
  8. I, John Q. Adams, will use all of these expressions this evening. Have any of you had a party, where everyone dresses up and acts like their character? or gone out and acted/dressed completely differently and lied to everyone you meet?
  9. post a photo of your old tag. the 12oz board of directors will issue judgment.
  10. "There is no style, form, or basic structure to what this person is doing whats so ever." I completely understand what you mean to say. However, he has developed a style. Notice the way you see the mouth, arm, and characters and realize they were done by Neck Face before you even see his tag? It's not your traditional graffiti style, but its style. Nice collection of photos here.
  11. Joewelcome -- Anybody with half a brain knows not to paint that city. Its not worth the consequences. The smart ones take their business to the yards or other cities in the area.
  12. Victor Wooten. He will kick your ass.
  13. http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story...wsdate=3/5/2003
  14. does your shit talk make you feel like a winner?
  15. Why the fuck do these things always read my mind.
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