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  1. Toymagnet just drop your tag...please man please. We need some facilitation you understand right? :crazy:
  2. ahhh those mexican girls with those big ass tits in those short skimpy tops...fuuuuuuuck--yo count me in mang. For real though these El Salvadoran fuckers over here in LI are some insane little spics man..shootin and stabbin each other on a regular basis, a bunch of senseless shit really.Niggas play soccer with each other and end up stabbin the goalie and shit. El Salvadoran pride!:rolleyes: what?
  3. cheerleader: you hittin' the 5 boroughs anytime soon or what? cmon over here boy*:lol:
  4. woooooohaaaaa...............
  5. nice flicks man.....Big Milk 706---oh shit.
  6. ---oh and by NYC I don't just mean Canal, I'm talking about all of NyC...Don't be that typical TOURIST. :)
  7. yo crewjones when is the last time you've been to nyc?? you're waaaaaaaay off the mark in your assumption that nyc is stagnant, waaaaaay off fucker. -get your ass out of the cornfields and come see for yourself.-
  8. gossipy little schoolgirls....2pac has got a point, if you don't the kid and you've only heard the story through the grapevine keep your ignorant opinions to yourselves.....I never met the kid but stop draggin his name through the mud ALREADY. damn.
  9. didn't you start a thread of this very same nature just a few days ago in this forum....the wrong forum ....you son of a bitch :lol:
  10. what city we in again??....raels,jesse,vent get ya asses over to nyc, we're in need of some halfway decent graff..:D
  11. nah that's a myth...mother's father, nah a crock of shit. I mean my hairline is receding badly and my hair is soft, soft like a babys' bottom.....but it is also very fine hair so i can kind of wing the widows peak look...kind of
  12. Not to make light of the situation but Great White has really hit rock bottom.....Pyrotechnics in that small club? They act like it's still the late 80's and they're still on the charts with, "once bitten,twice shy."
  13. Yeah, so I write Testones...how bout you?
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