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  1. i remember seeing this shit on honda-tech eons ago, shits played
  2. peter gunz kid? damn...
  3. prefix for death was wack, only a couple good songs, he ruined it with those hardcore songs i think, the new goretex was dope i heard tho.
  4. wow, thats some crazy shit right there, we got some crazy people here, but not that crazy.. :shook:
  5. Tropical Punch KOOL AID is the shit, you take that, alot of sugar (not some whitepeople kool aid) and mix it with tang powder and pineapple juice, thats the best juice mix right there, or just straight up mad sugar and tropical punch kool aid. mmmm...throw it in the freezer in some plastic cups and make some icees, niggas know the deal
  6. creds, ra hopper, and asend panel, that dudes panels are always bangin
  7. thats why they made PEEE GEEEE 12oz=shit talk and nice freight flicks Pee Gee = good flicks in general
  8. they dont even have dates at the supermarket? weird
  9. i know it is, but seriously...what do you call it?
  10. i remember saving this flash thing off the UVP forums, weird they would have it on a forum thats all ethnic porn
  11. I had a whole discussion about this with someone because they claimed to have never heard the word "grinder" used as a word for a sandwich. Thats just some bullshit, everyone uses the word Grinder, dont they... Kes says: i just ate a real good chicken grinder StarZ says: GRINER?? StarZ says: GINDER?? Kes says: grinder StarZ says: yea that Kes says: you dunno what a grinder is StarZ says: in pieces Kes says: grinder=sandwich Kes says: yo you ok? Killa Kes says: haha StarZ says: man i dont know of these CT terms Kes says: thtas not a
  12. damn, i wanted to see some dead animals, pics arent showin up tho
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