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  1. That twist screw is way to crispy to be 93! whahhh
  2. Noel coming off with a NEW YORK INFLUENCE.. dope
  3. rime has so much flavor.. much respect
  4. he looks like hes been writting for a minute., but he stilll needs to change his tag.. JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT
  5. some one explain this for peeps like me who dont know about this? why is it so cool its a printed sticker right? serf an mint?


    respect to the history.. but seems like brooklyn always gets the historian types..


    yall dont know patsy's on 117 and first.. best pizza in the city no comparisson
  8. dope...howed he die? if ya dont mind
  9. desa keeping alot of the games head on level... what desa is doing is just shows to much for words! yey desa
  10. NAUTER


    whut are you joking.. sace is deffinatly one of most talked about most known most veiwed ny riter from new york... he gets his "press" for suree..
  11. fucking fuckinggg KD and wallnuts have every legal in the city.. its a monopoly.. theyre still off the hook tho.. that new IS 44 wall? on 76 an columbis anyone got that?
  12. smells lke photo shop photo shop looks like to mee
  13. i kinda like oze oze is one of the few 108 catz that i realy think get it.. but dont anyone remember FREE5 and the rest of WALLNUTZ..commonnn
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