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  1. http://www.expnyc.com/farg/DSCF007.JPG'>
  2. http://i8.ac.yahoo.com/users/5/7/5/3/ratherbeflyin7-img600x454-1046154469br.jpg'>
  3. http://www.puregraffiti.com/forum/upload/attachment.php3?s=&postid=27836'>
  4. new CT and NYC flix addded - - - http://www.digital-dose.nethttp://www.digital-dose.net
  5. OK, WHO HERE IS A FUCKING GENIUS. DO NOT POST INFO ON GRAF SPOTS, FOR PIECING OR WHATEVER ANYWHERE ON THIS BOARD OR ON A WEBSITE. Do you really think buddies from this board are gonna meet up and hold your hand and have a jolly old time. Your just fucking shiet up for graffiti. A new issue of a magazine on newstands, not gonna metnion the name. NATO is genius *hint This shiet just pissed me off. ONE
  6. Despite all the predictable teeny boppers and fake thug white kids going to see this movie. It was actaully a bunch of teeny bopper girls that paid for me to go with them to the movies to see it. I think Eminem did a great acting job, and I think the movie it self is going to go down in Hip Hop Film history under an MC catagory. Just as Wild Style and Breakin, and the Warriors and Scratch are to hip hop. There were alot of MC appearences, and alot of the underground rappers on the rise. Man, there heads are probably so gassed right now. Alot of the battling must have taken lots and lots of writing, in terms of written shit anyway. The whole movie had a Rocky feel to it in the end. TWO THUMBS UP :king: I'm guessing those marker tags and graf in some scenes were real writers, don't get gassed now
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