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  1. i ain't really wanna keep puttin SHIT on here, but these are funny
  2. not sure i've been this perplexed in a minit... but thanks for the input...???? i think this thread should be left open, to avoid others sw from bein uglified.
  3. nigga you tryin to keep up wit MEE... RUN BOY RUN!!! just like i'm hearin you did from ny oh yeah, and EVEN your people are tired of NAXI PAD... you played it just like you playin yourself. you keep doin homos, ima do my homework.l
  4. the name tame alone got fame, so fuck a last name
  5. the great thing about that pic, is that it's gonna be from his camera after it getz took!!! Yall that know me know how much i appreciate the flix and support.
  6. well time to play... flix asap
  7. yo jus... if you see this, i appreciate them flix. pm's ain't workin
  8. ummm... let's see TOY ASS FAGGOT... what's the story?... you wanna be a cartoon illustrator, so you come to philly, go to the art institute and "bomb" from your home to skool?.... and if you took 10 spots from me?... i still got 990 more pussy, which is about 975 more than your no-hand-havin internet queen. irritated?... maybe mad?... you don't wanna see me mad.
  9. good to know, and hey... keep dissin, and maybe you'll see the WHOLE city before you die.
  10. NAXI PAD... you gonna need one, cause you a pussy that's gonna be bleedin.. AND SHIT!!! I'D BE EMBARASSED TO POST HANDS THAT LOOKED LIKE THEM HSB'S
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