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  1. . Get out of here man...Like cope has more to prove because he's sponsored by belton??Nigga Pleaze..
  2. Re: oooh...look what hecz got in the mail today.. and is now hangin in his room.... Dope NOUM canvas:lol:
  3. funkUup


    . The colors are nice, but without all the camoflage and smoke and mirrors of the 3D your lack of letterstucture and style is painfully evident.
  4. . . http://homepage.mac.com/zone1wst/.Pictures/Photo%20Album%20Pictures/2004-01-14%2015.16.11%20-0800/Image-5B23B49646E711D8.jpg'>
  5. funkUup

    my beef

    If Your not Part of the Solution Your part of the Problem!! Shut the fuck up and post flicks. Bring the Whining to 3rd rail or Ch. Zero. Stop being such a Pussy. End of my Rant!
  6. Re: Re: hael's all city now? Your the last one who should be calling anyone out for biting...Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself??
  7. funkUup


    Totem Jr... If you remove the totem bite nothing will be left. Post Less Noum and more of the anamorphic shit
  8. funkUup

    F R E E L I F E

    Good One less toy on the lines, bottom line.
  9. Hmm, I dont know about the only "good graffiti".. This guy pulled off some nice letters I think. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d703b3127cce8eb5f59b68280000001610'>
  10. funkUup

    the flow

    Post a flick of the nub....
  11. hmm this discussion could go on forever, howerver things change and for graff it has been for the worst, too many kids in the game for the wrong reasons. After 18 years in the game the only thing that keeps me going is the love of the art and keeping long lost traditions alive. Most younger writers are too "Tuff" to be mentored and reject constuctive critisizm of their work by old schoolers who they consider to be "living in the past." The bottom line for me is this: I'm going to keep rocking fresh pieces by the hundreds for as long as possible. Instead of bitching and whining about how wack the new writers are I'll do my best to lead by example. Sooner or later the props will come...If one or two kids can be influenced by my work along the way then mission accomplished. If not.. then I'll have a fat photo album full of dope flicks to show my kids and grand kids while Im sitting in my rocking chair and smoking a pipe remembering the good ole days..
  12. bump.. <img src=http://hyperphoto.photoloft.com/view/exportImage.asp?s=cano&i=10853561&w=600&h=326> Yo "Z" get at me...
  13. Good Riddance.. Somehow I got the feeling that you'll be back though...but yea, be gone..
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