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  1. i thought this would be worth a view http://www.lounge37.com/images.php?type=im...d=6654&show=104 mine one from AUS in budapest, bump to aussies over seas crunching


    some Banos and Renks trains please.
  3. ey askew/toner any update on when disrupt mag might be hitting melburns shores?
  4. i recently made a trip up to syd, and saw that monorails going round and round clean as all buggery, and was wonderin if any of the locals have been able to hit it, if so flicks would be much appreciated.
  5. i'd like to request more atom steel from around the globe, and i know theres a lot of it coz MOAS
  6. all this bullshit bitchin and self promoting crap aside, nice flicks despite the fact i'm not into that style i can appriciate dedication. I'm a huge fan and have massive amounts of respect for the old skool melburn style espically DMA AKA and haven't seen anything that grabs my attention like them in years. But the most eye opening thing i've seen through all these flicks is MINE one's stuff please post more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. are there many passenger trains done over in Auckland? props to sens for crunchin shit over here(oz) and defending his new mates.


    u know what really pisses me off with my local graff scene is that if chintz rocked one of his pieces along the lines it would proberly get caped in a week by some disrespectful toy that doesn't know anything foreign or anything outside his area, sorry to bitch but gettin caped by a fukin toy doesn't help.
  9. true i do lack some class but i also lack the money to drink beer that costs more and yet does the same thing. If i'm gonna go for class i go for gold, crownies!!!!!. But if i'm going for a blind walk home i stay true to the green.
  10. yeh i'd have to agree with west, vb does it for me, but hey i guess i'm just a green kinda guy
  11. yeh i'm from melburn and i know of supa 12 n the warriors and i also play rugby so yeh, no diss just setting it straight that melburn may be a afl state but there are a few of us that play the real sports, i recently took a trip to the south island and got a few fliks i'll be posting up including some from loomit n shit
  12. nice work ishaz likin the freights could u, if u have it, post the sers next to the dekap flik
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