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  1. LMFAO...Beatin' a dead horse is like beating little children..oh its fun for awhile..but eventually you realize theres no challenge in it..
  2. First and formost I'd like to adress Early. I write Wen20. And this SN is abit dated. The Railway thing was/is there becuase I used to be painting on the side of railways all the time. Mostly freighter lines..and I have hit a few metrolink spots(which are probably buff marks right now..). As for LD owning the railways..I wouldn't go as far as to say "Own", but you guys have HELL of alot of rail spots that are decent. Props for that. Second..I'd like to address the.."Re-birth(i guess I can use that term) of Beef". My entire veiw is the same veiw I've held throughout the stupid beef, which is: Fuck Beef. I have had no beef with anyone for the longest time I can remember..and I will continue my vigil efforts to not beef. The only "Complaint" I ever had was people telling me Sink was a good writer. but thats all behind us(atleast its behind me..as far as I'm concerned the beef is over..), so whatever. Jucer and Guer have beef..well whatever, that was surely inevitable..as they seem to be two opposing forces who will not back down for anyone... Oh well. Theres always gonna be beef between a few people..thats just how it goes. I'm keeping the lines of communication open..or going to try to. So Peace out to those LDs who keep it real... oh yeah..and the veks is killin' it.
  3. and this my friends, is what its all about.
  4. NOW THATS WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT! Hooked On Phonics 4 Life Nukka!!
  5. if our shit sucks so much...why did you flick it? I know your going to say "Well we were going to put it in this toy thread" or something stupid like that. But Bottomline, it caught your eye enough to get a picture. I would never flick anything that sucked. If it sucks, it doesn't deserve a picture. Period.
  6. Oh yeah...your a bomber. I forgot. Bombers CAN'T DO PEICES. Atleast thats what 4ZK tried telling me. "I don't peice, I'm a bomber". thats bullshit. And When I said Peices, I meant everything sink. But I'm proud that your throwie looks ALOT less like a skuf bite now. Fall off toy. And quit refering to yourself in 3rd person..what do you have Rocky Maivia complex or some shit? As for shit talking, As I said, I'm not talking shit. I'm telling the truth. I have not yet said one lie on this board. Believe what you want, I can't take your false sense of security away. I know what its like to have everyone tell you your great when you suck. But I grew out of that a long time ago. Perhaps its time you saw with eyes unclouded by your peers.
  7. Sorry dawg..ain't happenin'. I'll be frank...some members of LD could give me a run for my money style wise. I know you guys are under the impression everyone besides you is devoid of style. alot of you, as I've heard, are pretty cool cats actually. But let me put it simply sink. You don't come close. I don't care what anyone else has filled you full of. 4ZK tried to tell me some shit like that too. "Sink can burn anyone". I'm sorry..Its not happening anytiime soon. Look at your fliks floating around twelve oz. You suck, I mean every once in awhile its like "Wow, thats better than before", but you still suck at peicing. I've heard good things about the tattoos tho'. Good luck on that. Threaten to kick my ass all you want. If you beat me down, you still won't be a better writer, It just means you kicked someones ass over pointless shit. This isn't beefing..its the truth. I call it like I see it.. I have no beef with most of you cats..to be honest. its no secret. I avoid going over shit these days, becuase theres no reason to. Everyone in my crew besides Me has beef, yeah. But I don't. But what fucks me up is how you guys seem to have lost the "Rules" of the game, or got them twisted it. I notice no one posted the flicks of Pablo and some other cats doing weakass peices over the Ouija Red and Yellow Production from paint louis. I notice no one gets the flicks where you dissed every last stun peice down here over some bullshit. Or how some of the spots with oldschool peices have been mangled despite them being obviously better than the peices you guys put up. Anyway, I'll end this before it turns into more of an essay. Sink, you suck. Deal with it. Maybe I'd take you serious if you were another member of LD..but your not. I'm sorry, but it looks like the only thing you've ever burned was your spelling book. Can we get some sink "LD OWENS YOU!" flicks on here? Everyone else in this here city of ours stay up. peace. Oh yeah, for the record. I'm not Jucer/Pryser. And I'm not Mung. I'm no one of consequence..
  8. Oh Yeah, and don't forget Sink...AO OWENS you.(Get it Sink? Wink-Wink-Nudge-Nudge) Hahaha...Hooked on phonics Nukka!
  9. Re: 4z thugen Best...4zk...ever..
  10. SNES...shit that makes me want to go get that out and dig out Super Street Fighter2...damn.. Its like Case2 Said.."Better show respect to the Oldschool, or i'll break my foot off in ya ass"..or somethin'along those lines..
  11. Don't know if its been mentioned.. Thrice is fuckin' sick.. so is Avenge Sevenfold..
  12. Re: Re: nice thead LMAO at the Bosnia Must Represent Flicks....fuck naw.. Atleast they're better than Solo..
  13. Some crazy A's..I'll post mine in a minute.
  14. SixSixtySix


    Tool are without a doubt musical geniouses. Every song is perfect in almost every aspect..they never feel empty.
  15. wheres the... flick of the huge KYT roller across the riverfront. Tell you y'all have caught that sucker..can see it from the highway.
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