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  1. cnd

    Ici Montréal

    fake Gusto from Montreal gets no love... taking my name cuz im from NYC and I smashed downtown Montreal for the last 3 years while visiting... get fucking serious.... next time im there I'm takin all ur shit out bitch..
  2. cnd

    Under Pressure 2004

    lol they mustve been fukin bent doin em fills :lol:
  3. cnd

    Under Pressure 2004

    saw evict here n there..
  4. cnd


    mad style..
  5. cnd

    The Babble

    altered beast was the shitttttttttttttt
  6. cnd

    New to this game!

    its not a game..
  7. cnd

    Stem YNN

    scrap train, note the broken windows..
  8. cnd

    Most slept on writers in NYC

    since wen is ghost slept on?
  9. cnd

    How ironic, I'm self promoting.

    omg lolol its so funny cuz its him lol
  10. saw it on the news.. the pictures here doesnt do it justice... they had some insane charcters... bump
  11. cnd


    this thread is awesome!
  12. cnd

    The Babble

    na, itd be a bunch of pussies..
  13. cnd


    as you can tell from my pieces and handstyles, im a big sever jock (insert sarcasm here).