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  1. highball

    Spotted 64

    Lewis, Worm, Cobra, Debt - BNSF holyroller reefer Sped, Smecs, Tonto characters, Fatso - BNSF holyroller reefer Demis "Artwhore" - DME hopper Oze, ?, Year - BNFE Debt, Abhor - BNSF box Sug, Joel - MR (not MRL) box Siren, Nepo - BN hopper Shade, Mare - BN hopper Gofr, Dut - NOKL hopper Jetone '96, Jargon '97 - UP hopper streaks- scampunks Colussus of Roads x3 The Rambler John Easley
  2. saw an orange star between the ladder of an old UP boxcar the other day, no clue. H.S. marks?? huh?
  3. highball

    Spotted 63

    Kaper - UP box Agres from 97 - UP box Colossus of Roads PHYNE --> I saw another of those silver/red/black striped holy rollers but it wasn't HCGX, it was stamped UP but also had a big UP shield on the upper right corner, maybe ex-MP? The HCGX ones I see are stamped HCGX, and no shield but I'll look for the buff next time.
  4. highball

    Spotted 63

    Tars - BN box ?, Wote - HCGX box (anybody else see these grey holy rollers?) Worm - whole RBOX ?, Expert - UP box Slug, Lofer - ATW box Savon, Gise - BNSF box Level - BNSF box "WH" by Gsouth, Wone - GATX tanker "XMen" by Nerd w/ Sherlock Homes char - hopper Enuf - SP chipper Wars - SP chipper Jef, Snore - UP box Minus - RBOX Fokus - CLC box Jote - RBOX Diet, Erupto - UP box Siez, Moler - SP box Lewis - CHTT box Savoe, Thick - SP box Jase, Giant - UP box Sore - MP box Amuse (& others) WCRC gon Magic - CRDX hopper Eatfuk, Veks - UP gon Tone - UP box Daver - VCY box Rudee, Chico, Ros - WCRC gon Key - VCY box
  5. in the last few weeks I've been seeing about 1/3 of golden wests restamped SP/SSW. man, those UP boxcar lines have some character these days...
  6. when I was a kid there was a huge BN trestle crossing a river near my house, all the kids used to play around near/on it. one day some guy was up there with his girlfriend and got hit somehow and killed. All the neighborhood kids went down to the trestle and got to look at his arm hanging over the edge. grisly. Stay the fuck off mainline tracks, everybody. how hard is it to walk NEXT to them?
  7. terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com is easier to use sometimes. A good way to keep your bearings looking at the photos is to have a mapquest window open and move through both at the same time. Hobby shops that have a lot of model railroad/railfan stuff sometimes carry "timetables" which are published for most sections of major railroads. They're a little hard to read at first but they will show you layups, passing tracks, yards, etc. with milepoints. That way you know where to look on terraserver.
  8. highball

    Spotted 63

    WAPE - CP box JABER head - somebody painted a blue button-down shirt under it, LOL MEPS - box FUCKAS - BNSF burgundy hopper one of those "picasso"-looking nude streaks, some dude w/ 3 initials
  9. dingo, kiroe manik's got style, he should paint more
  10. Bozo Texino...:dazed: godDAMN, that has to be the oldest action shot ever.
  11. highball

    Spotted 61

    I see too many trains Gumbo, Esie, Keen, Age - MRL ex RBOX Task, Scar - BNSF hopper Super, Ludy, Siner, Pik (and a Kwest t-bird) - MRL box Sibl - MRL box Ker wholecar (from '98!)- MRL ex RBOX Aker, Ker(? not the same one), Agua - CSX autorack Siner, Level, and some others E2E on an autorack Croe - CSX autorack Orceso, Guer - SOO autorack Jose, Jase - NS autorack Neat, Cykoe - CNW autorack MRL hopper line: Work, Media Media, Fel Server, Skies, Ridle E2E Triel, Bode Sole Abhor Worm, Lewis - BN box Diar - AOK grainer Sug, Onorok - CR box HN, Fro, WC box Edge, Maker - RBOX streaks/etc... Other character - CP trailer train "UP's Going To Hell" dust tag on a UP engine civilian shit: "White Trash" 2-color on an MRL hopper
  12. just a few from the archives... all caught on the lines http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/begr01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/spoil01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/erupto02.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/wisk01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/mewz01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/jeka03.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/menes02.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/retro01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/acrow01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/drug01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/jase03.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/excel01.jpg'> http://www.geocities.com/graftemp/trains/kero01.jpg'>
  13. I see some old black CN autoracks every now and then...
  14. tassie toy said: "Try wearing geeky clothes and if you wanna go all out get some fake glasses. " lol if you already wear that shit every day it's no problem. It's also real easy to tuck your shirt in for super-nerd status.
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