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pro asshole

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  1. i dont care what anyone says, this shit is fucking cool. hte man does it well, and has been doing it way before any of these other hipster graffiti "moguls" from these parts have...look in your history books, and give the guy a fucking break.
  2. i came in to this thread thinking i was going to see VIRUS AA KD's first piece...i dont think i have ever been so dissapointed in my entire life.
  3. MAZER!!!!!!....B...B....BB...BBBUUUMMPPP!
  4. pro asshole


    good name...it suits you.
  5. pro asshole


    tpo be honest..so did i..i still do.....i just diddnt think that was cool.....but hey...who am i to say whats cool and what isnt. nice illegal piece..cool..qwik throwup over it..not cool in my books..but thats personal preference...do what you want. oh..and i think it would sound cooler this way "guy was talking shit...so i burned over his ass with something better"...again...persoal preference.
  6. pro asshole


    ya, alright..whatever....so you made it clear that dekoy may or may not have talked shit....why go over him with something so effortless..why not go over him with something that takes a little more skill....burn him!!.......or can you?
  7. pro asshole


    i really hope remio dies a very slow, and very very painfull death..JUST for going over that perfectly good dekoy piece, wich is quite illegal, and quite RIGHT in the middle of downtown vancouver...with a stupid catoonish bitten to hell piece of shit throw up, for no reason...no respect...no respect..faggot.
  8. pro asshole


    Kine1 "phsykly able to drink anyone under the table" -big ups guys..keep rockin.
  9. now its time for you to choose a new name, REKS etc: dst: from chicago has been writing that name for a bit over 14 years..not that your any competition to him.
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