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Jimmy Kimmel

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  2. fiiiznuck! dont hizzate on mah BET! dat be da one chizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzannel i watch and shit. SHIT BE MAD DOPE!
  3. ROLLERBLIZZADES! doze be sum ill models of trizzantroaportation ya knizzow what i mizzean? i got my whizzeeels all mutli rainbizzowed collorized and dey look SUPER FATTY DOPE and shit! SHIT IS DOPE!
  4. yo yo yo yo yo yo! check it kiddoson! i gots da pizerfect kizzure for you blue boys! some mizzagic wizzalizzamackamead! wut be dis you spizzeak of? i be spizaleaking bizout da maagic huuurb dat makes you sunshizzziney and shit. SHIT BE MAD DOPE!
  5. YO BITCHES DONT LIKE NERDS! NOBODY LIKES FUGGIN NUUURDS! nurds be da scizzulum of da socizzzity...society. yo but check dis shit out, i straight up humped da shizzzilimitt outta like 40 ugly ass herpes infested nerdy calculus lovin bitches diz mornin waitin fo da bus to take em to preschool and shit. SHIT WAS MAAAAAD DOPE!
  6. yo shit i LOOOOOOOOVE drugs like i love 400 pound women! der just aint never enuf, ya huuur me kid? yo i need mah drizzalugs so fiizzzuluckin badim so fizzaluckin dependent on mah drizzulugs and shizzilit. dem yo. drizzulugs is mah lizzilife!
  7. yo yo yo i be all about da GTA also! GRAFFITI TOKING ASS Yo yo dat be da REAl GTA ya huuuuur me kid? for real dat be some straight HIP HOP shit kid, haha yizza dizzem i am creative.
  8. YO i dont know like any of deez fools yizzou all be gabbblin bizzzout, but i doo know one ting, and dat ting be MUUSIC!! Yo checkout my lisst DUNNY! 1.--.Coolio- Gangsters Paradise (FUCK YEAH IM A A GANGSTER LIVE WITH IT KID I REPRESENT) 2.--.Camron- Oh boy (shiiit dat was da biiitches and hoes say when dey c me!) 3.--.JIGGA - Girls Girls Girls (i lub dem and dey lub me!) 4.--.Weird Al Yankovic-All about the Pizzentiums ( Yo dis song be DOPE! its gangster, and yet its bizzout Computers! FRESH!) 5.--.Simon and Garfizzunkel - Scarborough Fair (yo dis be some illwop shit my mizzom got me into, you dis fool is MAD CRAZY and shit!)
  9. yo da GAAANJA is what keeps me going know what ah mean kid, yo, check this yo, today i smoked like, A LOT! shit was fucking ill kid? right?! ahaha fuck yizzay!
  10. yo dat be some pretty tizzzight shizzit meeeng. yo but my boy ESSCO hes a wildstyle izzartist and yo check it i bets he could battle you and straight up schizzzoool you for rizzeal. The prophet has spizzzoken
  11. YO captain FUCKO! you need to lay off maaah nuuuts son! why you all comin round like you think you gonna get sum kid? hahaha chill little boy, i only ment that i COULD kill you, not that i WILL! let me explain this to yizzou STRAIGHT up kid. I dont partake in any homosexual activities, so the grip you got on my bizzzalls, LET IT GO!
  12. OOOH SHIT THATS MY HONEY! Angela Lansbury is one fine ass broad, please beleive these nuts would be placed between her sagging wrinkling breastess any day! And if you doubt that, you straight stoopid son!
  13. that shit was MAAAAAAAAAAD DOPE!! yo my boy alex was all hard core g thug and my brotha from anotha motha Jamal was holding it down black panther stylin! yo that gabby slut was maaad fine, i bet she was hella looose!! OOOOOH SHIT!
  14. yo kid yous a failure!! dont worry son, playboy manshun aint SHIT when compared to mah 2 room apartment, they be tuns of fat bitches wobbling around naked ALL THE TIME!! yizzay i be smackin dat asses!
  15. yo i fucked like 30 bitches, ate some weed, smoked some captain crunch, downed forty forties and then yo check this shit, me and my boy ESSCO rizzolled down to the precinct and straight wildstizzyle bombed the popo scooters! SHIIIT WAS MAAAAAAAD FRESH!
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