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  1. Originally posted by sweetcherry

    oh mma isnt as exciting...ive seen it a few times but it really didnt catch my attention all that much


    youre right MMA isnt as exciting its alot more exciting.


    anyway on a side note.


    the dude who was holding him up was Tito Ortiz UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion.

  2. Most of you think that cracking your knuckles doesn't cause arthritis. Dr. Thomas J. A. Lehman agrees, saying "cracking your knuckles is socially unacceptable, but medically irrelevant."




    Question: Can “popping” or “cracking” your knuckles or other joints lead to the development of arthritis?


    Answer: Unless you injure the joint (such as dislocate it, which is very unlikely), you will not promote the development of arthritis by cracking your knuckles.




    its the bomb.


    Eventually, you may have rough surfaces moving against each other, to which the body might respond by swelling, increasing the amount of fluid and blood in the area. In the end, you could have a joint ("arthro") that is inflamed ("-itis").



  3. Originally posted by duffman

    ahh no.... Ken went to the WWE to become a gay ass pro wrestler... Then Tioto was maken fun of him for it so Shamerock came back to the UFC to fight Tito to show he could still fight in real life.. Well after much much shit talken before the fight from Ken he ended up getting his face beat off.... Ken looked worse then Mike Tyson after his fight with Lewis..


    you can download the fight off of Kazaa....


    for someone who loves the MMA(or is it just the UFC?) you dont know what youre talking about.


    Originally posted by el barto

    vitor belfort is my favorite that guy kills so hard. i was waiting to see him and tito fight but it never went throught they tried like2 times. i need to downloa that tito fight your talking about i missed that one.


    vitor and tito probably will not be fighting anytime soon because vitor lost to liddel. the next person tito should fight is liddel because he is the #1 contender. besides vitor isnt that good.

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