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  1. battery cover to my XBox remote. one of those instances where something falls on the floor and ends up in some sort of hyper dimensional void where all things lost go.
  2. FreeBSD. http://enamu.com/tlot/images/may/freebsd.jpg'>
  3. trucker hats = mesh hats? im not up with the terminology but yeah i cant stand those hats. theyre for old WWII vets primarily Navy. also how about sweat wrist bands, whats up with that?
  4. youre right MMA isnt as exciting its alot more exciting. anyway on a side note. the dude who was holding him up was Tito Ortiz UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion.
  5. i thought you meant like a floating turd at the beach or something. yes i realize how open that just left me.
  6. yall be fucking with the bloods now...
  7. gizmo duck


    alright Glik0 we all can see that your internet penis is longer THAN his.
  8. Most of you think that cracking your knuckles doesn't cause arthritis. Dr. Thomas J. A. Lehman agrees, saying "cracking your knuckles is socially unacceptable, but medically irrelevant." http://creakyjoints.com/survey/results001.shtml Question: Can “popping” or “cracking” your knuckles or other joints lead to the development of arthritis? Answer: Unless you injure the joint (such as dislocate it, which is very unlikely), you will not promote the development of arthritis by cracking your knuckles. http://www.health.pitt.edu/academic/MM2000/ArthQ&A.htm its the bomb. Eventually, you may have rough surfaces moving against each other, to which the body might respond by swelling, increasing the amount of fluid and blood in the area. In the end, you could have a joint ("arthro") that is inflamed ("-itis"). http://www.coolnurse.com/health_faqs2.htm
  9. fuck darkwing... http://www.geocities.com/gosalyngirl/gizmo.jpg'>
  10. what, theres a new the real world? havent watched MTV in a while...
  11. for someone who loves the MMA(or is it just the UFC?) you dont know what youre talking about. vitor and tito probably will not be fighting anytime soon because vitor lost to liddel. the next person tito should fight is liddel because he is the #1 contender. besides vitor isnt that good.
  12. Some how I think I was the inspiration for this thread.
  13. internet crews? nah, not gonna say it. Kittens are the cutest thing on Earth...
  14. HAHAHAHA www.rathergood.com kittens rule!
  15. kind of a step back in time though.
  16. dont know if this has been posted before but http://www.youredumb.com/
  17. not sure about other brands but my motorola phone has this feature called "get it now" where you can dl shit for your phone. previous motorola phones ive owned werent capable of dling things so i guess its all depends on your phone. i suggest you visit the website for your phone and check it out.
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