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  1. there is many diffreneces,, many envy the piecer cus they dont have the talent,,then the bomber that jus goes out and destroys all in site, a normal writer that jus tags what he wants , a toy thats jus a weakling even with time they have no skill what so ever, then a artist express him self that gives what he feels into the media he picked to be expressed in :cool: in out peace darken won ..and who wants to do that battle jus tell me when and i'll do a fresh pieces jus for you ..dont ya feel special:D im out peace..........bite your nuts
  2. aight im down to battle ,,and when i know how post the sketch i'll post it on here well im out i think thats all i had to say well im out.. oh yeah for all that talked ish and saw my sketch and got burnerd heres a lil more heat...im from texas ....sad isnt it ..but watch out from some of us..............
  3. i know anout that see but hate is from fear and envy ,,so i love it when they hate ,,that foo that called my name out hatin ,,i love it do it more ,,all that hate on is ,,jus shows me they fear me or envy my skill ,if ya jus got mad again ,,,bite your own nuts ,,,thanks darken won :burned: dont ya like to get burned huh ..im out peace Darken won
  4. since ya wanna talk ish heres a sketch i put on a profile of mine http://profiles.yahoo.com/graffitiaddiction<<go there ..for all that said i was weak ,,for all that had doubt,, for all that wanted to get on my balls ...if ya get mad bite your nuts :king: Darken won? :king: haha i see all of ya mad after ya see the piece
  5. hello ya, since one of ya talkin so much can ya tell me how to post it up here i jus wanna show a old sketch to shut ya up ..tanks Darken Won?:king:
  6. look i say ish like that to get the other person all into the battle .. i make my self seen weak and a toy . but my skill are beyond that ish i work hard for dem to battle me you must be good not at cope's level or any of dem you must have skill if not i burn you ..if you got mad on that get mad :lol: peace ?Darken Won?
  7. come now i wanna battle who gonna battle me .. no weak ish no biting none of that . a person that does have skill jus hit me up at markeraddict@aol.com i wanna do a paper battle right now.peace
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