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DiVa GiRl

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  1. DiVa GiRl

    My Piece

    to all.... ...haterz: i would like to know who ya think im bittin letters from. ya katz are just hatin cause im prolly better than some of ya for a beginner. i dont need anyone to go easy on me. i just wanted to make a good impression. it was my piece. im PURE original. ...to the rest of ya thanx for constructive criticism
  2. DiVa GiRl

    My Piece

    nah im diva from ct im tryin to post some flix for now, here's one from my man epic:
  3. DiVa GiRl

    My Piece

    thanx hey ill post more soon....
  4. here is mine http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00259672f00000015.jpg'>
  5. DiVa GiRl

    My Piece

    hey im a girl writer so take it easy on me DiVa: http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00259672f00000015.jpg'>
  6. hehe mad memories..... i remember when my husband and i did some disgusting ish like that... no offense kid but try a little simpler letters
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