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  1. Eats Rb, I think Daps writes Eatarse...kinda similar...but I don't think either of them really care...
  2. I know...bad photo...but that's all you get...coz it's stinky and I don't like you!
  3. I just find it funny when people fit into stereotypes...indians who own dairies are equally as funny as hiphop "heads" that are down with the elelments. It's also amusing that kung fu movies are related to hip hop now... By the way I don't know you and you don't know me...makes it a little hard for me to hang out with you and your freinds. Strange that you thought we were rad when all you know about me is that Im a bitter internet nerd who does graffiti, has rarely anything positive to say and apparently I own a pink jacket... I see the attraction :what:
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