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  1. i remember that babyrock emay and kadism right before the 2nd street tunnel on the el , babyrock had that spot twice with kad (the second time they did huge cursive letters and it looked like it said kool babyrock but it really said kad babyrock , if anyone has that picture post it please i havent seen it in a long time)and they definitely went over people ....kair went over car rh ( who are undisputed kings) and mad other peoples old fill ins when he killed(AND KINGED) the north side of the el roofs. before the buff mad people went over other people .... i remember seeing rakan and caem go over a kad and rabe roof on the el ... it is what it is , if you kill shit eventually you are gonna hurt someones feelings . skrew KILLED the r-lines . PERIOD. talking about it on here is just giving him more rep.
  2. relek? dhs? wtf? who put him in dhs????
  3. celt rtr? not active anymore
  4. right click save ... dopest pics on here in a long time keep them coming please
  5. somedudes been listening to too much mayhem ahaha...just cause some pimp puts a cross on a crackhouse doesnt turn it into a church that building looks abandoned to me
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