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  1. EKG LABS SIGNAL! #one $10.00 5.5" x 8.5" , 48 pages , 2-color offset print , 28lb off-white newsprint , edition of 2k , april 2014 “SIGNAL! #one is a hybrid periodical that blends elements of a graffiti zine with those of an intellectual scholarly journal. The design has been influenced by everything from David Schmidlapp’s International Graffiti Times two-color hand-collage broadside, to Alan Benedikt’s 12ozProphet precisely gridded computer-aided layouts, to the avant-retro look of Rudy Vanderlan’s Emigre design journal, to the modernized old-timey newspaper feel of Dave Egger’s The Believer literary journal. As for my editorial texts in the zine, I utilize a voice that indiscriminately meshes the unique aesthetic ideals and terminology of Graffiti with the historical concepts and vocabulary of Fine Art. Basically, I’ll use anything it takes to explain why this art form is insidiously effective, culturally relevant, intellectually deep, and singularly unique. Highbrow or lowbrow? Nofuckingbrow! At this point it truly shouldn’t matter anymore because Graffiti has undeniably been a powerful, singular, and culturally relevant art form for forty-five years, and the globally dominant art form for thirty. Therefore, utilizing the above strategy, SIGNAL! is here to add another rung in the ladder of proof to the elitist detractors. With so much evidence having stacked up over the years, Graffiti should no longer be perceived and prosecuted as merely vandalism perpetrated by megalomaniac antisocial teens, but a positive and powerful cultural change agent practiced by conscious objectors of all ages.”
  2. from CUT IN THE FENCE COMFORT SPRAY TIP - from MTN NGC $10.00 The large format and sweeping images of Comfort Spray Tip make this feel like the perfect coffee table book for a zine-head. Well composed juxtapositions of freight train imagery, patterned architecture & commercial illustrations, along with outsider graffiti bring Comfort Spray Tip into the panoramic meditation of contemporary graff zines. Magic Motherfuckin' Mountain. Comes with a sheet of 3 laser printed stickers.
  3. Here's a zine from San Francisco's Burnt Bra Press, fine photography graffiti lifestyle documentation. FRIENDLESS SUMMER $5.00 ACTION, ACTION, ACTION, this is how its done
  4. MELBOURNE seen through the eyes of an OLD CROW $5.00 - On Sale In the winter of 2011 our neighborhood hobo, Old Crow decided to jump, a magical freight train to Australia. 600 pictures, lots of beers and lots of hitchhiking later. We ended up putting this little zine together about Melbourne Australia. We hope you enjoy it. SPECS: - Full Color Cover - 52 Pages on semi gloss paper
  5. RAT MILK ZINE The handiwork of Overconsume, graffiti / street art / sticker maven has been doing this zine for probably close to ten years. Looks like they have taken a hiatus on new production, but they are a name to know. RAT MILK 7. $8.00 Much like the movie Furious 7, this zine gets better with age. Taking it back to where it all began, this zine focuses on NY graffiti. Stickers, tags, throw ups, art, trucks and roof tops. Peace! Custom cardstock cover. 48 pages, mixed black and white and color. Edition of 180. 2015. RAT MILK 8. $8.00 Rat Milk 8, Milk Harder zine. Full of graffiti collaged photos from Seoul, Tokyo, NY, and the NW. Black and white, 48 pages, screenprinted cover. Edition of 154.
  6. DIRTY ART Been watching these guys work progress over the many years. Some hot work. 'Disillusioned By Recall' Zine $15.00 Each copy of this handmade photo zine is uniquely collaged and painted. Includes a fold-out center spread with touches of paint and stickers throughout. Photos of general debachery, graffiti and exploration. B&W Xerox Limited to 10 Hand Stitched Signed and Numbered Created and Compiled by Justin Matthew for the Dirty Art Press!
  7. The Old New York Looks like some official DESA store, and with 12oz. re-releasing his Million Dollar Vandal book, here is a $10 option for picking up a piece of DESA history. They have a bunch of original DESA sketches for mad cheap too. STICK EM UP $10.00 size a4 zine consisting of stickers comic strips doodles comes with a cheaperstickers name badge full sheet as well as stickers
  8. Alright Yall, Im going to bring this one back from the grave... Its 2018 and graffiti zines are still everywhere. I've been collecting and making them since the 90s. First, here is NYC's resource for limited edition mail order. CARNAGE NYC These are their self-produced, perfect bound hotness... Mayhem Crew, Curve, and Lush CARNAGE ISSUES 7-9 PACKAGE $60.00 - Carnage Issue 7 feat. MAYHEM crew - Carnage Issue 8 feat. CURVE (comes with a sticker pack, a fold-out box truck print and a custom Ultra Flat Black air freshener) - Carnage Issue 9 feat. LUSH This is Grilled 3, Ray Mock's sick documentation of tags on NYC doorways GRILLED III $25.00 Grilled III is the ultimate NYC doors zine, featuring 126 doors on 92 pages. If you have written your name on a door in the city in the last couple of years, there’s a pretty good chance it’s in here. We pulled out all the stops for this issue: We shot and re-shot over three hundred doors and edited down the material to only the best and most representative samples of grimey, stylish New York graffiti. Edition of 600 numbered copies, 92 pages, full color, large format, perfect-bound. My new zine, Rider, produced by Burnt Bra Press in San Francisco RIDER BY AVOID $15.00 "Rider", the new zine by Adam Void AKA AVOID, is a poetic meditation on freight hopping in America, featuring an essay by the author as well as photos and illustrations. Published by Burnt Bra Press in a special edition for Carnage NYC. Only 25 copies available! and Philly's Instant Lunch Zine 4 (sticker madness) ** custom cover for Carnage ** INSTANT LUNCH ISSUE 4 $15.00 Issue 4 of this excellent collage/cut-and-paste style sticker zine. Featuring Interviews with Same 246 and Zeam BTM. This run of only 20 copies was produced exclusively for Carnage with an alternate cover. 52 black and white pages, each copy comes with stickers.
  9. After scribing try rubbing lipstick in the mark, perma color stain.... BAM **
  10. betwixxxd :scrambled: sour klever III cosmo leder knowe bars egroe house and the rest
  11. bump for the klever and sour. as well as the rest of the sick flicks
  12. Permanent Ink issue #7 is out now... either email or pm me with a good reason as to why you shouldnt pay, or send one dollar to 400 Florida St. C Columbia SC 29201 this one is half sized 28 pages, sc update, freights, nyc, dc, and more. indie media will liberate....
  13. :burn: well said.. those pictures are raw.. tragic
  14. I dont understand.. is this who have we seen with the most pieces dates 04? or who have we seen the most up from in 04 pieces any date range. as far as things from 04- i see a bunch of CONRAIL TWITTY streaks from this year, and a bunch of KOER, LIFE, LOSERS CREW pieces. a few SIGHs, but really not that many consistent 04s rolling through. oh yeah and honorable mentions from REK and DESTN.
  15. almost 100% sure that it was not graff related, just ignorant redneck related.
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