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  1. same thing over and over
  2. kornhusker

    alphabattle D

    beardo your frist d kinda looks like a b..but the other are good..always enjoy your stuff
  3. kornhusker

    stiker 2

    the t looks like a e and get rid of those "target" symbols
  4. looks like that girl with faust just got the shit kicked out of her...and she has a happy trail leding to a oute..thats gross
  5. joker like everything in this thread...like the showboards you also did joker on your webpage...nice work
  6. kornhusker

    CES one

    fx anyone got flicks with eaz in the production..enjoy seeing his stuff
  7. bombs i remember one time reo went bombing in new britain..he owned the whole higheway starting out in middle town going all the way to southington...shit was crazy..
  8. transcend=not color blind
  9. hi crew seme when was the last time the hicrew web page has been udated
  10. everyone gets inspiration from someone...
  11. allround dope..pieces ..bombs...characters.....nasty
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