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  1. fine..then the next time i see a skinney white kid on a new bike, ill be sure to do something about it... ...fuck this computer shit...i rep where i live at..you got a problem with it WSKrew..then cry about it to somebody that cares, "stupid"...haha -e
  2. tyler..i though that out of all these other assholes, you'd be the level headed guy, and try and defend li from these cats that love to hate on us..but i guess not,huh...thats fucked up..and whatever...you think about huntington station how ever you want, i dont really give a shit..cause this is just wack computer garbage anyway...you wanna settle this in reality, let me know and ill come thru for anyone with a fuckin brick...the fact of the matter is, li's got streets rocked..li's got transit lines hit...shits hit more then most of you haters might think...still hate, cause i dont give a shit...im gunna do my thing, and the cans just keep comin to me...so see me when you see me.. -e1 RCED.737.DEIS.MLBTK
  3. dats-yo..lemme know whats up so we can colab or some shit..peace -e
  4. no train lines in LI, huh?...wow..come to huntington train station and get shot bitch...
  5. yo dats..mak told me he went bombin with you and his boy..let me know whats good so i can school you.haha.. yo ever1..lets see some flicks..keep this thread alive..
  6. aight, od..i see how it is...
  7. throw pink in there to...and that stupid cunt from no doubt...i wanna tear my ear drums out...
  8. yo shits dead on this thread ...post some pics....
  9. ..im lost... ..yo,dats..hit me up at xxman_in_the_boxxx@yahoo.com and let me know whats up -e
  10. .. holy shit,man...now thats some snow..
  11. word mak told me alot about you...but then he just disapeared..we wanted me to go chill with him and you boys...but i dont know where the hell he went... -e
  12. word bro ...i had this idea of bombing in the crazy blizzard on the train tracks camo'ed in all white gear, and blending in with the snow!....haha...peace -e
  13. graff season over? nuh uh brodie!..its winter warz!...the paint maybe slow, but nobody wants to chase a hooded character through the darkness in 15 degree weather...(then agian, the hooded characters might not want to run..haha)..peace -e
  14. and tyler your right bro..my bad for before...
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