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  1. MYBAD$

    osaka japan

    you know its funny you bukaki loving otaku bammer. maaan your so rightously p.c. i thought momma dukes theresa made that post. get over it. also nice flicks...shit is craygeeee.....bump.
  2. ok but way way way over hyped. def didnt do that much illegal stuff.....blatant rip of australian aboriginal painting. not good not good dondi hes not. also please stop saying things are postmodern you artspeak dookwad.
  3. leminaid was a popular drink and it still is, i get more props and stunts than.............bruce willis, ha ha swing kid. back in the day.
  4. MYBAD$

    ATG crew - London

    yo thanks for the 411, you mark ass buster trick turning trout mouth having bammer!!!! :lol: :crazy: :lol: just kidding.
  5. MYBAD$

    ATG crew - London

    so essentially your telling me it means, a good plot of property for a joke=(dub?) or something?
  6. yamean? im tryin to get kicked down -w- an alphabet or two!!!!!
  7. MYBAD$

    ATG crew - London

    feelin that spot.i was doin one like that w my boy and the whole ledge crumbled off and fell six or so stories, crashing into the street just after we climbed off of it....also what does "a fucking jokes plot" mean? ::eek: :confused: :eek:
  8. that mr neas whole car is thorough.
  9. MYBAD$

    ATG crew - London

    ^^^^its still...... BAMMER.
  10. MYBAD$

    ATG crew - London

    you cant read them because you are toy.........(on the lo you secretly sweat that shit real hard but just cant pull it off can you?) steady on the dick but cant admit it right?.....carry on.
  11. MYBAD$

    ATG crew - London

    see im sorry but^^^^this^^^^^is terrible.:yuck:
  12. MYBAD$

    ATG crew - London

    europe definitely has it on the clean trains, and i respect how ill it is to street bomg in london with all them cameras........but style wise yall cant even remotely touch newyork, s.f., L.A. or Philly..... for instance this atg shit is cool(i like it) but its nothing that didnt already happen in the early 90s in the u.s. not hating....just clarifying....
  13. Re: Fuck The Police listen idiot....im just interested in l.a. handstyles and was hoping someone could give me a quick lesson seeing as im from Philly and woild like to learn about that shit.....if you dont know anything about this shit then dont respond you bammer ass trout mouth fool!:eek: :crazy: :eek: lol
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