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  1. A lot of them carry really long knives, if you're not armed.
  2. None so far, I'll be happy if I get over fifty. How often do freights get buffed?
  3. Is this an imitation of gang-wars.com?
  4. Me and kest will be there. I'll have a pittsburgh penguins cap on. See you there.
  5. Why do you always post random images?
  6. CemeteryKid

    my homie....

    Drugs are gay and so is Twinky.
  7. What? Why are you singing Elton John? I can be a model dude, I'm so attractive.
  8. February 10th, Pittsburgh, PA at Metropol. I'll probably be there.
  9. You need to stop it with those huge fonts. How many times have I told you this? It makes you look like a big retard. Durrrr.
  10. I like the old faust better. Good post topic.
  11. Good post. I got some of his flicks. Never scanned em. He still painting nowadays?
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