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  1. Verbatim

    philly book

    PHILLY..........damn i love this place. the birthplace of graffiti..don't get it twisted the man's name was CORNBREAD. ASIA has been around for a fine while in the illadelph but if the name was dondi's then so be it. philly hands are creative as hell..yeah i'm being biased...you must not of seen stuff done by creep,curve,kadism,caem,agent,boza,razz,agua,esteme,peka,speed, kard,todo,nemel,nise and dozens of others..ya'll better educate yourselfs and do a search on the subject...
  2. Verbatim


    dag, my thread is actually going places but the one thing that hurts the most is.......I STILL CAN'T FUCKING PUT MY PICS ON HERE!!!!!
  3. Verbatim


    this is going places!
  4. cracksmoka what is the station between fairmont and chinatown on the express line 8th and market?
  5. philly takin it back like dollar hoagies and tahitian treats
  6. Verbatim

    My Piece

    that's some mean shit either boy or girl
  7. Verbatim


    hot shit but i still can't post
  8. Verbatim


    why can't i post pics
  9. Verbatim


    I'm bout to get a new scanner tom. but for the mean time what are some of the nicest throwies ya'll ever came up with or seen?:confused:
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