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  1. attn iseeyoupaint just stop...dont respond to whoever this guy is? if you keep going so will he..whoever this internet mystery man is?..really..dont feed the fire any fuel!!!
  2. tuffy

    Girls who rock

    yes..there is a meek! yup...meek is my little sister..and that explains why she paints a lot like me..shes a mean girl..she racks like a pro..and im not just talking about petty paint cans...young lady makes me proud sometimes..but most of the time i just wanna punch her..anyone fuckin with meek has to step to me first!!!!! WORD SHUN!......shout outs to all my fly young ladies! perl ohhhh i love that girl! suny secret post! all so hot! OHHH MAN!:P :P :P :P :P :P
  3. i can explain! sure i can explain! you are a bitch ass faggot for asking!! mind your own fucking business you toy!! he he he he ...fuck you 12 oz..your forum is a meeting ground for toys to ask faggot ass questions just like this kid!! fuck you!
  4. Re: big trashy rod on women! (restraining order) damn...look at her eyes..they kinda suck your soul..yeah i could really picture myself falling for her and stalking her every move...im a creep like that..shes beautiful!!. ld is holding it down..i need to pay a visit to saint louis!
  5. like whoa to the chue jockers, get off his nuts you faggots must know him thru the computer like most of his friends do. for one if you did know the guy you wouldnt be backing him up, second you would know that the guy does talk shit about alot of people, thats why no one cares about him, even his long time friends, he is like a female. he is such a faggot he use to talk shit on tko, a few years later he was a member of tko. he gets all his fame thru the computer posting his own shit and talking about him self, i beleive that "the dude" and that other faggot is chue himself, because no one that knows him would back him up. i do have a problem with him but he is a faggot it would be worthless telling him to his face because he wouldnt do shit. chue talks shit on everyone he use to post messages about people on guest books online. what kind of guy would put "i love you" all over his gay ass graff with faggot ass little hearts, he is a lil rich momys boy thats 24 years old and wants people to think his artsy ass is cool. WHERE WOULD CHUE BE IF THERE WAS NO COMPUTER!!!! he never got up and he has artshows, and when he attends artshows with other faggot ass artsy writers like buffmonster and tofer he pretends he doesnt know his friends, so if you faggots do know chue you would know the rest of the story so chue stop posting messages backing your self up......your a faggot you need to stop riding off others fame faggot you need to go paint, you have no bombs out like a artsy fagg ~~~~~~~~~> _________________ i love sounds like you have just as many issues as the kid himself...there is a little truth in what you say i guess? but i know for a fact he has never posted his shit on 12oz, or talked shit on a message board?..he isnt 24, and he sure as hell isnt from a rich family! anyhow..you seem to have some deep rooted problems with him..problems that cant be solved over 12oz. i suggest you talk to him and handle your shit like a man...i mean what kind of man are you if you cant even handle your shit with some "artsy fagg"?..ha..i dont get it?..dont bother responding, just give him a holla! he doesnt even write anymore or care about graffiti..he hasnt touched a can forever..have a nice day..you need a hug champ? and chuey if you are out there? please know that we still love you! even if you are a non writting art fag! haaaaaaaaaa
  6. bitch ass ok bitch made...what kind of faggot ass coward makes up a fake name and claims to be somebody he isnt..for one chue would never talk down on the writers you named..and would never be stupid enough to post his name..you are gay! instead of playing games like a little bitch ass faggot maybe you should go paint! and if you have a problem with him maybe you should step up instead of trying to get him beef over the internet..i hate 12oz..its really killin graff!
  7. tuffy

    Reas .

    for the record dont sleep..reas was one of the first people to start getting the los angeles river popping off...along with many other nyc/aok dudes..my older friend has pictures of the la river when it was pretty much clean! ket pieces, ja fillins, reas, 6pack, and a bunch more?..anyhow the la river is now covered e2e with pieces..and i think its neato that lots of nyc guys helped get that poppin!
  8. snoreeeee colt rick syek and vesto got slept on =(
  9. what the fuck bitch! yo yo why didnt you post the rest of that train g?...that shit was a bangin e2e....biggaa bigga bigga ups though!
  10. tuffy

    Girls who rock

    hooty hooo i feel honored to know as many writers with vaginas as i do! ..biga biga ups to all yall biatches!!!! secret... perly.... sunny... LA meow... venus.. meeky(i guess)..chery..hmmm...ohh yeah i heart post=)
  11. tuffy

    Girls who rock

    psshhh dude secret was srt before she became..."cool" well thats kind of a lie because she was always "cool"...but yeah she ditched those losers!
  12. damn homey im feeling all those beautiful productions with daks and his friends!!
  13. ha ha haaaaa haaaaaa east and I learned in totally different scenes w/ totally different influences..... when we met and started painting together we already had a bit of similarity to our styles....then the more we painted together the more we infleuenced each other. awwwwww welll isnt that fuckin cute..hahaha...i agree, the espo has to much flav to be stuck in that rut!...bump for that espo bottle!!!that shit is crazy nice son!!! im racking some of his art for sure next time he shows in la....werd up!
  14. tuffy

    FLOE CREW........

    zelot vault 4sae slope..fun to look at
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