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  1. who cares about gay ass corny graffiti and its associated beefs lets see more bitches word
  2. ..the parallels between this boondoggle and Vietnam are really scary. The only disappointing difference is that we don't have a balls-out, willing-to-get-beat-down-by-the-cops opposition to this HUGE mistake of a war. Timing is everything, and while Hussein had to go, we definitely rushed this thing, and changed the rationale like 4 or 5 times now. At least the opposition march a few days ago drew 20,000, while the "you don't speak for me, Cindy" gathering drew 400 in D.C. This at least tells us where the pulse of the country is right now... I saw yesterdy Sen. McCain ask gen. Casey about his earlier statement (in July) that we had 3 divisions of Iraqi troops almost ready to defend the country, and where did that number stand now. After a bit of circular nonsense, Casey reworked his number to a reassuring and totally staggering figure of "one".. that is, ONE division of trained and equipped Iragi troops ready to relieve our forces. Fantastic! Tax dollars and lives well spent! Stay the course! Don't cut-and run! Mission Accomplished! Boy, that'll show China and North Korea and Iran that we mean business.. if you voted for this dolt and his cadre, I can only wonder what your IQ is.
  3. .....................AESIA-SOVIET................ .........................DREAMONE......................:king:
  4. ...SESK- SHEM - TRE - JASE... ...and what's up with JESSE switchin up styles... he's inching ever closer to burner status
  5. ...that girl looks like she's packin' a ballsack in those drawers..
  6. ...let's hope that this is the point in time where people start rockin' burners again on freights... this post says that loud and clear... ENUE, CAVS, KEMOS, SOE, and MONE just smoked it...:king:
  7. ..now that JOME knows about that spot, he said he's gonna rock a JOMIE THA HOMIE t2b, on the real..
  8. ...VAN, you have a point, on a few levels, but hey... he wasn't brokenhearted or wanting to end our friendship over some vacay pussy.. he laughed about it while it was happening, and I would have too... fuck it, my boys and I are a lil' tighter than to let some dumb shit like that get in the way.. Now, if I'd have made moves on my other homie's girl w/ the streaks, that's different. That shit hurts everybody, and leads to nothing but problems. Thank God I never fucked with that... :lol:
  9. ...If I were PRAE, I would have to change "PRAIRIE MALT LIMITED" to "PRAE'S MALT LIQUOR ", with nothing but drunk characters lining the bottom of the car, x's on their eyes and shit... just a thought.
  10. ...hold up, before I start sounding like the Dr. Ruth of 12oz., I got a story, too. One year, me and all my boys went to Ocean City. One dude's girly came, who I wanted to fuck-- what with some big ass titties on a little pretty Italian girl w/ short hair, and purple streaks in it. Ooh. Anyway, these cats were straight thugs in '95. Ganking car stereos. Stealing Kickers and amps out of trunks. Stealing car batteries to power the radios, amps, and kickers... a veritable boomin' system right in our hotel living room... management loved us. We jacked mountain bikes, then rode around till we found a whip with a tailgate-type bike rack, and we jacked that to bring the Cannondales home on our whip. So we meet this girl Laura, 17 or so, from NY state staying w/ family few doors down. We had 3 days left, they just got there, so the old man had no idea what kind of citizens we were. Anyway, we want to party that night, and as usual, weren't trying to pay for shit... we go down to the beach-front bar of our own hotel (on the late nite creep), work a little lockpicking action, and we're in... 4 of us roll out bottles, in each hand, and a cop shines a Mag-Lite at my face from about 50 feet away. I'm in nothing but boxer shorts, and suede Pumas, since it's our hotel. "Freeze!", yeah right, bro... I jetted around our hotel, doubled back, went halfway around the next building, trying to shake this cop. I shook him long enough to get under this little overhang-parking area next door...tried to fit into a garbage can. Fuck, too tall. I'm seeing flashlights... fuck it, I crawled under a Mercury Cougar and tried not to breathe while fucking Kojak walks around like 5 feet away. Twenty minutes later, I hear a K9 Unit's dog barking a few lots down. And the whole time, from under this car, I can see my hotel window. Fuck. 5 or so hours later, I get up and calmly walk past some early-morning folks, all dirty in my fresh attire. Nobody got popped, but being this would be our last day there, we gonna get extra drunk, just on a little more subdued level. So back to Laura. Young, lithe, and sexy... but she's sitting on my boy's lap all nite. He's groping, pecking, joking too much. And he'll probably fuck her that nite... but he fucked up, 'cause she was giving me much play when they told the story about the night before. I played it cool. Homey got up to take an 8-ball piss, and I stepped right in the batter's box, like "You want to check something out?"-- All-Time Pimp Line of the Year, you know? This girl's all impressed with the free-spirited thuggery we embodied, but whatever. She follows me into the bedroom, I hear Paul like, "That fuckin' snake!", and I proceed to knock the boots, (with a few interruptions by peeping toms), but fuck it. Bottom line, I got paid, escaped the law, and hit it off with a very cute girl... and that shit is no "Dear Penthouse" story... if you're reading this, Laura, that shit was super hot, and I'm sorry my pig ass didn't write. Best vacation EVER... (On a side note, the cute Italian gal w/ the streaks got LARGE these days, and I suspect has mental issues, so I'm glad I didn't pursue it.) Whew!
  11. ...without paying for it? A few drinks doesn't really count as "paying for it" (unless you wake up next to Kathy Bates, then you're "paying for it" all right... from your conscience AND your homies who saw you mack her out the door)... no, some drinks, laughter, and body contact, like homeboy said above, should get you right in some draws. But what sucks is that if it's good sex, and you're into that person, you may be on the Hit-it list for a while thereafter... and that means, when do ya stop with that condom shit?? It takes at LEAST a couple weeks to get the 411 on a recent conquest, and even if its the neighborhood hotty you've known for a while, ALL your dirty-dog-dicked friends have trained that shit a few times. My point is, the sooner that latex shit comes off, the better it feels, just be comfortably sure it's OK to unwrap it. 'Cause you's a dumb motherfucker to skinny-dip these days, without some serious info about your partner. Have I been this "dumb motherfucker" in the past? Hell yeah, but I sweated out a FEW situations, and it is no fucking fun. Fuck the clinic, I came out clean, but fuck the clinic to the fullest.
  12. ...definitely something about NY freights... dope shit, everyone. GAZE, WANE and PERSUE esp.
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