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  1. Rest In Peace Monos.. I remember many a good times out in Melbourne town, You were a true style king...
  2. $15,000 fine, 9 month suspended sentance.................. A whole lot of fame for his stupidity. pretty good marketing scheme. Much cheaper than any advertising campaign..Was probably his intensions the whole time..
  3. It seems all of you are missing the point here. Treo had that spot and it wasn’t capped, nor was it damaged. It wasn’t as big as those guys, but who gives a fuck, it was his spot! All he did was claim his spot back. I can almost guarantee that those guys would have done much the same thing if that happened to them. As for Treo being a dog/ getting a beat down etc... What the fuck!!!!.. We should be commending him for standing up for himself and not tolerating his shit getting taken out for no reason.
  4. Just a heads up, Wu aren't coming out anymore. Mega rampage was always destiend to be a flop, lack of advertising was its downfall..... good try though, feel sorry for there bank accounts
  5. from the ction thread...Melburn representing in Sydney
  6. Feel free to post em up asap... cheers
  7. seriously........too good.
  8. They seemed pretty clean when i painted it, True, it's a tourist train, and i'm a fucking tourist,Not sure of any others that have even hit it, can you enlighten me Boss, because you seem to think they're a joke.
  9. Asum, Arsen, Gush, Cast In traffic, at Denvers only train station!!
  10. Loco any chance of seeing these AKM hits, There always eye pleasing...
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