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  1. Yo Teagan, where is that carl?
  2. ivo i have a photo of it so i have seen it!! wouldnt mind seeing a better photo then the one i took!!
  3. anyone got the bless roofie that used to be at collingwood?? it was a white base with a sky blue final/3d or something like that!!
  4. same goes!!!!!! we should all look into making a historical thread!!!! MELBURN city the early years!!!! nothing before 92!!! why not 90 you ask because i think 92 was a great year for melb city!!
  5. yeah it rings a few bells but you also forgot a few others!!! what about dskiz msa melburns own godfather of style!!!!????? he alone influenced more then most know!!!!
  6. metal damage!!!! train damage!!!!! bored!!!!????????? fuck work!!!!
  7. andthensome


    melburn citttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rockn it rockn it ro-ck-n it!
  8. how bout neither of them give a shit!!!!! and there aint no comparision between the two, bomber vs creator!!!!! comet and blade!!!! maybe they would make a good team!!!! hahaha!!! a lil bit of controversy!!! shut up!!!!
  9. mate the thing i admire about puzle wca dma the most is i remember when i was growing up you never saw more than a few pieces in the same styles, he was always pushing something new and he always made my jaw drop!!!!! you should see the PUZHELL wholecar!!!!! amongst so many other jaw dropping pieces, dont forget panels a king of enamel!!!!!
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