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  1. "Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) suggested Tuesday that people who download copyright materials from the Internet should have their computers automatically destroyed. But Hatch himself is using unlicensed software on his official website, which presumably would qualify his computer to be smoked by the system he proposes." http://www.wired.com/news/politics/0,1283,...3,59305,00.html
  2. Shit, if mapo is really black(which I doubt), he IS the definition of an ass-licking house negro...what an idiot... Amerikkka is the CREATION of illegal, genocidal immigrants...what the fuck gives IT the right to claim this soil for certain people only?
  3. Oh for the love of... Yeah, according to the meaningless system of land division that the elites of the world have devised to keep you enslaved. And if you are relying on the approval of some made-up government state created by a bunch of rich slaveholding bastards to justify your existence on this continent, then you are STILL a pathetic slave. As far as the "black" thing goes, its irrelevant if all the original slaves and slaveholders are dead or not, because the current distribution of power and wealth in this country is STILL inherited from the days when chattel slavery was a reality. But slavery isnt the only issue...up through the 60s, your precious govt. legally sanctioned jim crow laws, lynchings, burnings, false imprisonment, and the assasinations of black leaders, and it continues to opress black communities through police brutality and the deliberate dumping of toxic waste. If you are truly black mapo, you should be ashamed to the core of your weak-minded little soul. Peace to esai though--you seem like the only intelligent head in this whole forum.
  4. Re: Re: Some real action shots! "Duhhh, i always wanted to see a video.." Fuckin fag...whats keeping you from seeing the real thing in real life? Have you and your lil friends ever actually gone out bombing for yourselves? Maybe you should try it, i hear its more fun than sitting around waiting for a video to come out. Thats the problem with the internet age, its made people so lazy that theyre content just living vicariously through everyone else's graff. Lameass
  5. Word...back in the early 90s I used to marvel at the amount of style that was out there...I remember thinking, "damn, if graff has come this far since the days of TAKi 183 and co, I cant wait to see the graff of the next millenium!" I have to say, it turned out to be pretty disappointing. Whats funny though is how kids these days will throw up the wackest garbage ever, but if they label it "raw" or "grimey" then suddenly that makes it okay to be a toy. In conclusion, fuck these toys.
  6. KI still exists? Maybe if youre talking about a few old window scribes left over from like 94...but other than that i dont think so...
  7. Most of the graff isnt bad...but really, what the fuck kind of name for a crew is "if Mother Only Knew"? :lol: that is the gayest shit ever, I can just imagine these limp-wristed kids sneaking out at night with paint in their purses and fretting about , "Oh my goodneth, what if mother findth out?" LOL...whatever floats your boat i guess... :lol:
  8. So true...not just in santa cruz but pretty much everywhere I go. I notice graff started to turn shitty around the same time the internet got popular, hmmm... :idea: Anyways, new school=TOY.
  9. :lol: How'd they get "thluy" out of that "Kady" shit? The Kefr one looks pretty straightforward to me, too...I had no idea people could find simple graf so hard to read... Anyways yeah, the city recently buffed out even the legal pieces, which was basically all there was to sc's graff scene to begin with. Come on, are you gonna tell me there was ever any REAL bombing going on in the 831? All those flicks are from that same pussy spot by the boardwalk...that's not "bombing" :rolleyes:
  10. This thread is actually a pretty accurate reflection of the graff scene in that area. Nobody is really missing out on anything.
  11. Hmmm...I wonder where "elpaublo" is from, this is a hard one, haha... Yeah there was a time when TV ran San Diego, but those days are long gone homie...when i was down there last week I didnt see anyone at all who was really crushing it and as for the shit that i did see...i kinda wish i hadnt, cause most of it was wack as fuck. :(
  12. Re: Re: Re: hey little spanker... :lol: :lol: :lol: Believe me fool, there's no "jealousy" here...if anyones on the jock its you--for real, you sound like you just nutted all over your keyboard giving that blown up exaggerated description of your toyass homie. :lol: Yeah, I saw a few wack-looking "preach" ink tags in PB--and if that's your idea of "murdering" a neighborhood, then that just goes to show even more what a toy you are. But just cause your homie's only up in PB doesnt mean thats the only place I spent time in. :idea: You are lucky that the real AEK isnt active anymore, cause THAT was a crew that killed--but this was back in the good old pre-internet days when getting known required more than just coming online and claiming "king" status based on a single shitty piece. You're still wack.
  13. Re: hey little spanker... I just spent a week in SD and all I saw out of your "loc"ed-out homie were some nasty drippy little marker tags. Yes they were toy. Judging from the one picture on here i guess he does paint (in low-profile spots--nothing wrong with that)-- but sorry homie, he sure ain't "killin it".
  14. Go home toy...there's already an oldschool AEKlan in the 619 and theyve done a lot more than wack marker scribbles, which is all your fake ass homie can do...you get no love. :mad:
  15. What a toy(meaning you, the thread starter) Yeah, the original throwie was shitty, I agree...so how do we cap shitty throwies, boys and girls? We go over them with something better. But apparently you cant even come up with a throwie to top the one you dissed, so you scribbled on it with that wack ass handstyle(in pink, no less :lol: ). And now you are posting it here expecting to get props from your internet friends? That's fucking pathetic. Once again, in case you didn't get it...you=TOY as fuck. Take your own advice and stick to dope, leave the walls alone...
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