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  1. very nice quite riot spot...
  2. this thread hasnt been touched in 5 days...whats going on:confused:
  3. Im not quite understanding you.....You seem to be anti capitalism yet at the same time are againt war with iraq.....Just to bring something into the open, most of the peace protests and campaigns, are being organized and controled by many of americas capitalist and socialist groups. When i read comments like "Fuck bush" and " Capitalism will be the death of me" i figure you are either really confused or ignorant..please explain further:idea:
  5. Your a fucking idiot...Its all about destruction you art fag...And whos to say that whatever ja does isn't beautiful art or this "artistic element" you speak about. Wise up bitch.:crazy:
  6. She looked better on whos the boss...i love lookin at little 10 year old ass:cool:
  7. Im not positive..but i think Deas probably did that ROB ONE tag....am i alone in my thoughts?
  8. tito jackson


    Even though this is a vey nice mber freight..i am going to have to say the best one i have seen is the one where the "E" is running away from all the other letters by crawling up the lader on the box car...I wish i had a picture...can anyone help me out:crazy:
  9. If you are intrested in learning just about everything there is to know about the cars the yards the workers and the bulls, along with countless other subjects you should pick up the book entitled "Hopping frieght trains in america" This book was an awsome read and really helped answer questios i had in my head. Even though the book is based on knowledge that should be aquired if you are planning to catch out on a frieght it also gives you info that anyone who paints trains should know about. The book was written by duffy littlejohn and is a bit hard to find but if you search the net you'll most likely come across it......sorry if someone already spoke about this book i didnt bother to search because of my overwhelming lazyness. :)
  10. Slug aesop brother ali eyedea radiohead phantom planet bob marley led zeplin cream the beattles aceyalone pigeon john dave matthews band common lauren hill gangstar and then.. and then...
  11. Yeah..this is basically rediculous...we strive to be known as the land of the free and the fact of the matter is wether we are or are not, that is why alot of imigrants come here. Our country is based on imigration and when a minority group is treated different than any other person it is bothersom....The authorities were totally out of line and out of there minds for pulling something like this..lets make tensions even higher between nations....its bull shit..and a nother sde note that i find sad is that alot of the people arrested probably had there paperwork in but since the INS cant get shit straight, the imigrants are forced to live and be view as illegal...we should be offering a helping hand instead of asking them to place them behid their backs.
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