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  1. dedicated benching..Let me know if u figure out the whole weather control thing cus ill make it warm again and unthaw my peanis. :yuck:
  2. renOB

    KING 157

    one of the greats. My favorite on steel for sure.
  3. Hes so hip-hop. :tongue:
  4. damn Isto took it...and skem comes in runner up.
  5. renOB

    Alabama Bound

    wow. good post. King arys vizie tyboe Nat spade envys.
  6. *GOLLY* hotboy is so cool. Id love to meet you out trampoline on your lower spine.
  7. renOB


    yah what a toy he has good letters and colors but shit he doesnt paint like 500 a year sooo gay.
  8. wow. a bunch of shitty cars and shitty throwups. awesome.
  9. renOB


    this post is sick.. only real heads fuck with gondolas.
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