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  1. Mani

    Character and Piece..

    wat up homie? i think its aight, but i aint no good at graff. haha. if i kno nething, its just keep writin, shit will come wit time. yo IM me on aim and show me some of ur shit, ill show u some of mine. peace
  2. Mani

    new bend sketches.

    yeeeah yeeeah boston boston boston. watup, keep up all ur good werk. looks nice to me atleast. one
  3. Mani

    GI Gallery.....<<

    yo da wizzard, just have a question for u.... u sed that u were sellin some posters or something? cuz if u r, id buy one probly. just hit up my email if u wanna tribal23@attbi.com im out. peace
  4. Mani

    What you think?

    looks phat, but wat does that say?
  5. yo those virus pieces.... they poor attempts of fuckin bitin, his other shit is bitten off the real virus.... NO RESPECT dont care wat yall say, but i would NOT want somebody biting my shit which i work hard to design
  6. stop wastin all these threads, ur an idiot. use 1 post and just keep postin in there, u dont need to make 4 threads.... besides no1 wants to see ur shit
  7. VIRUS = BITCH ASS TOY virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch virus is a bitch
  8. u aint tryin to develope shit cept my foot up ur ass so far that u can taste it on the back of ur tung u biting bitch. fckin toy, ill wipe my ass wit ur ass
  9. Mani


    bump niiiiiiiiiice feelin it, keep it up dawg. peace
  10. Mani

    my new sketches

    Virus.... if u aint such a biter lemme see u write another name besides virus.... just write something else that isnt bitten and an original unused name.... also skribble ur handstyle all over a sheet of paper and post that shit up. till then u r considered the fuckin shit of society, i despise u and fuckin hate ppl like u that try to steal other ppls art. i hope u fuckin get ur hand chopped off so u cant write (i mean bite) nemore. dont even try to deny bitin, we all caught u red handed. and to all of u that found he was cheatin, props to all of u for keepin faggots like this away. peace
  11. i duno y ppl are sometimes hatin on hecz. i think he has some nasty skillz... props to ya hecz, keep up ur good work
  12. Mani


    ????? huh ? kid, im on 12oz to get help on my graff... im not here to talk shit, so tear uno, u need to find something better to do wit ur time obviously. If u wanna talk shit then u better be ready to back it up too.... cuz where im from, u dont talk shit unless u can back it up. So therefore i duno who the fuck u think u r so shut ur fuckin mouth. its one thing to diss my work, another to diss me. as for "oNE"... it means PEACE, incase ur fuckin retarded ass did not know that and my caps lock button was on, so instead of typin One, i typed oNE u fuckin bitch and as for my lyrics on the bottom there, its just a fuckn joke. means nothin, so when u refer to me as cool... does that mean that ur loser ass that talks shit to people over the internet thinkin ur tuff thinks im a loser... well just to let ya kno, it dont hurt comin from u. get a life... unless u can back up ur shit, cuz if ur from MA then just lemme kno where i can meet up wit u and put u down like a diseased animal faggot. im out, peace
  13. Mani


    ...just wonderin if nebody is from mass..? would be nice to have somebody to help start me out and shit and to go paintin wit... if u is from mass area, instant message me at TRiBaL2323 on aol instant messager or email me. oNE
  14. Mani


    thanks, like to hear wat other ppl think that actually kno some shit bout graff. been madd bizy lately but once i get some more letters done pat ill start fuckin round wit some throws and shit like that, till then peace.
  15. Mani


    yo i can into this scene knowin nothin, knowin practically no1, in a small suburban town. but i still aint givin up. Ive been writin for about 3 n half months and lately i havent been writin much at all. For the past month or so ive only been workin on my hand and thats it and i havent been workin on it like everyday and shit. but i was just wonderin wat some of yall thought of this, came up wit the name Mes and Mesa... cant really decide which one so for now im writin both, would like to hear some comments, even if u got mean things to say.... please tell me ur honest opions, and maybe u can help me get up. thanks http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00258424f00000009.jpg'> not the greatest picture, ill show u some more scribble later, also feel free to post ur scribble.. i would like to see some other styles. but im out. peace
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