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  1. Have you heard the band from Portland, OR, Anatomy of a Ghost yet? They play an aggressive brand of post hardcore in the vein of Coheed and Cambri and Thrice. They also have one of the best, most energetic shows you will ever see in your life! Their debut album "Evanesce" is being released by Fearless Records on May 13th 2003 and will be instores everywhere! To learn more about Anatomy of a Ghost visit http://www.fearlessrecords.com/anatomyofag...aghost_test.htm or <www.anatomyofaghost.net> To hear a few songs from Anatomy of a Ghost visit <www.mp3.com/anatomy_of_a_ghost> Make sure you go out and see them when they come to your area soon. 4.24-5.9 w/ Keepsake 4.24.03 - Tacoma, WA @ Hell's Kitchen 4.26.03 - SLC, UT @ Kilby's Court 4.29.03 - Pheonix, AZ @ Bigfish Pub 5.1.03 - Denver, CO @ Climax Lounge 5.6.03 - San Antonio, TX @ Sin 13 5.9.03 - Anniston, AL @ 1213 Rock Show All dates w/ Fear Before The March Of Flames 5.21-5.22 w/ Endor 5.12.03 - Colorado Springs, CO @ H.W. Briggs 5.13.03 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Uprok 5.16.03 - Seattle, WA @ Bainbridge Island Boys and Girls club 5.17.03 - Portland, OR @ Paris Theater 5.18.03 - Spokane WA @ Soleconcerts.com 5.20.03 - Sacramento, CA @ Capitol Garage 5.21.03 - San Pedro, CA @ Sacred Grounds 5.22.03 - San Diego, CA @ The Old Krikorian Theater All dates w/ Haste and Bear vs. Shark 5.30.03 - South Amboy, NJ @ Krome 5.31.03 - Wilmington, DE @ The Harmony Garage 6.1.03 - Baltimore, MD @ Fletcher's 6.4.03 - Charlotte, NC @ The Casbah 6.5.03 - Nashville, TN @ The Muse 6.6.03 - St. Louis, MO @ Creepy Crawl 6.7.03 - Iowa City, IA @ Gabe's Oasis 6.8.03 - Chicago, IL @ Fireside Bowl 6.9.03 - Hamtramck, MI @ Small's 6.11.03 - Lackawana, NY @ The Cruise Inn 6.12.03 - Charleroi, PA @ Charleroi VFW 6.13.03 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church 6.14.03 - New London, CT @ El N Gee 6.15.03 - New York, NY @ The Continental Warped Tour 6.19.03 - Boise, ID @ Idaho Center Amphitheatre 6.20.03 - Bozeman, MT @ Gallatin County Fairgrounds 6.21.03 - Salt Lake City Utah @ St. Fairgrounds 6.22.03 - Denver, CO @ Invesco Field 7.2.03 - Calgary, AB @ Race City Speedway 7.4.03 - Vancouver, BC @ Thunderbird Stadium
  2. Umm i dont think it was intentional on ur part but some of the lines look darker than others... just try to keep thins uniform.
  3. ha got it... im out. peace
  4. LIke i said man im not here pissed. im just talkin.
  5. damn i need broad band... Hey tears
  6. Nah man no true beef. Damn man your quick to reply.
  7. dude im not tryin to be an ass and all. Im just not down wtih the spamming for posts...
  8. yo but you have been putting boo! in every post just spaming for posts. If we actually had mods here you could get tossed for that shit. its retarted.
  9. Im wiht hecz. I get enoguh shit as is being a toy and all. But dude no one wants to do ur work for yah. Well atleast not alot of people. Write ur own shit.
  10. JoEx37


    THere is already is a hand style thread... close this one.
  11. JoEx37

    war zone

    Im not in the mood for a battle at the moment. I maybe in a moth or 2 when i can actually put down some style and skill. That toy battle went a bit to far. And virus seriously chill the fuck out im wiht Tears here... Peace
  12. JoEx37

    toy battle..

    Hey thanks for all the words. Good job spec. Umm im 15. Ive only been doin this for like a month and a half. and the only reason i was proud of mine is because i thou-ght it looked cool. I know the lettering was fucked and they dident make scence. Also i cant do straight lines. But good job to all... Can we get official standings? Hey to all of you gus being dicks... chill out everyone has to start somewhere. Im not ashamed of posting "Crappy" work i think in the future ill just be better. All the negativity makes me work harder. Peace -Joe
  13. JoEx37

    toy battle..

    Any words on mine? Ive been like thinking of this all day... woundering what people have to say. Its just that im actually proud of this work. I took my time and i liked it. Well good luck to all
  14. JoEx37

    toy battle..

    ^^ yah dude im on a power mac... I only saw y pic on the net like 1 time. I kept realoading and reloading. If it dosent work open the pic in a new window.
  15. JoEx37

    toy battle..

    Woo hoo finally got this scanned. Its like 8 oclock in the mornin and in my school comp lab. Hope you guys like it. Also Gimpos i want to complament u on your filld. Their cool man. Here yah are: http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00258015f00000023.jpg'>
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