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  1. I'm liking those Sekt and riku rollers :$:
  2. Yo does anyone know where to pick up some good Graff mags around town? I haven't been able to find any since Tower Records in Birmingham closed
  3. ^ I agree 150%.. Couldn't of been said better
  4. What year was that Ansiq from? That style looks pretty old
  5. I don't have to much to say but RIP, since we never met. I just remember having a few converstions with Sensi & Irate about his work, and possibly gettin some street action. The whole thing trips me out cause about a few weeks ago I was gonna get a chance to meet him on the night he Irate, Sensi, and Stori had their mishap but couldn't get a hold of Sensi. After hearing what went down that night I was glad I wasn't there. But after hearing this news last night I was back with those feelings wishing I was out hitting the streets. Not only painting but possibly making a new friend with someone that shared the same interest and love of the art. RIP
  6. What the fuck is that suppose to mean, and who the fuck are you chief? If you didn't have anything somewhat helpful to say, why even reply on the subject Tee.....The yard here was chill but not no more, not saying I won't paint there. But now I'm gettin sick of running.
  7. Have any of you Fr8 heads found that it is better to go in the yard at certain times over others. Because I had this chill yard, and got raided in it 1 time. I got away safely, but now it seems like every time I go back they know I'm there. Since this on particular night I can not complete a piece with out some contact by workers?
  8. I'm finishing up an animation degree, so I will soon be in the graphic arts field. Most of the images look like photshop or illustartor, and a couple were done in maya 4.0. All these programs can be used on a pc, in fact Maya 4.0 works better on PC's than Macs because of some bugs that occur when running on a Mac system. So my opinion if you are going into animation use a PC, digital art or graphics use a Mac
  9. What city is Mber From? anybody know?
  10. It's about time I'm seeing some more Det cats on here
  11. Tha Jime Fr8....is that the same Jime from Detroit?
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