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  1. Fletch


    Push,Hence, good post.
  2. Fletch


    very happy to see all the PA work. bump
  3. Fletch

    Fuck Your Life

    lovin the push,phable,colt45, good post.
  4. post more oldschool LA if you could.
  5. god damn, the things that i would do to get to touch her in the pants...
  6. ^^ a total waste? your clearly confused.
  7. im enjoying that old esel style alot more then his newer stuff
  8. -fishing and general outdoors programs. -borrowing items from friends with generally no intention of returning it. -smoking cigarettes, lots of cigarettes.
  9. everything i would have wanted to say negatively about kubs has already been said. oh well.
  10. i kind of hate the term "fav". i dont really know why either.:confused:
  11. i wouldnt say they bite LTS or MSK, oh wait yeah i would, and do a mighty shitty job of it aswell.
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