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  1. damn gangsta locc...you suck. i don't understand why everybody that starts writing, immediatly does crowns and arrows everywhere....teh gheyn3ss.
  2. actually yeah...they do suck. they really fucking suck. they're pansy rock...go listen to some cannibal corpse or something bitch.
  3. pretty good for your first piece. i'd avoid doing anything stereotypical like arrows, and instead try and develop something a bit more original. it seems like every toy on the block starts out doing pieces with arrows and crowns on the letters...but that's all due because that's how graff it primarily viewed i guess. "silly muthafucka pulled out a duece duece. little did he know i had a loaded twelve gauge, one sucka dead, LA Times front page" -eazy e
  4. don't know him. know his work real well though. R.I.P
  5. kinda funny, i live in silver circle's homeland...see his shit all the time. i've heard soooo many stories over the last year about exactly who he is. the best one was that he's a 14 year old dude that is mentally retarded...and his official graff name is "hero", because he covers up tags with silver circles, thus eliminating ugly graff. ...and now the truth comes out.
  6. what's sad is that if the melon guy ever gets caught, i'd bet he'd get off more so than somebody doing throwies or whatnot. ...good shit either way, makes you think.
  7. i've seen much nicer stuff from bruiser, but i'm not complaining.
  8. i left an ultra rare charizard pokemon card in my back pocket through the wash. sucked hardcore...i was the laughing stock of 2nd period recess.
  9. it's kinda weird, cause i got this fantasy about dating an older woman, but the only chicks i've ever dated were younger than me. older chicks are cool.
  10. this reminds me of a shirt i saw a while back. it said "i bomb ny", and instead of the word "bomb", there was a picture of a little bomb. i'm pretty sure they're off the market now with the 9/11 thing and all....eh
  11. 50 is kinda tight. i'm not really into the way rap is going...it's too many "club anthems", whatever happened to old school rap? fuck....
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